Waverly here, with news about a fun new film that will teach you to…well, you’ll see!  Four Kids and It is a sweet story about a newly blended family getting to know one another that both my mom and I loved watching, and you can watch it, too, starting June 30th!  I was not only lucky enough to preview this movie, but also to interview one of its awesome stars, Ashley Aufderheide!  Check that out at the end of this post.

Four Kids and It features a star-studded cast including Paula Patton (2 Guns, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) and Matthew Goode (TV’s “Downton Abbey” and “The Crown”), with one of my mom’s favorite actors, Russell Brand (TV’s “Ballers,” Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and the voice of Academy Award® winner Michael Caine (1999, Best Supporting Actor, The Cider House Rules; The Dark Knight franchise, The Prestige).
Told ya — STAR – STUDDED!

Courtesy Lionsgate Entertainment

Based on children’s author Jaqueline Wilson’s Four Children and It, the story is a modern twist based on E. Nesbit’s 1902 classic Five Children and It, and also stars Teddie Malleson-Allen, Ashley Aufderheide, Billy Jenkins, and Ellie-Mae Siame. The film adaptation is directed by Andy De Emmony (TV’s “The Nest” and “Spitting Image”) and written by Simon Lewis.

On a seaside vacation, four kids from a blended family visit the beach, where they discover a floppy-eared creature that grants their wishes.

Courtesy Lionsgate Entertainment

But there’s a catch: the kids’ adventures in rock-climbing, pop stardom, and flying end promptly at sunset — leaving them in danger each time. Can they learn to control the magic before something dreadful happens?  I can’t tell you that but I CAN tell you…be careful what you wish for!

Courtesy Lionsgate Entertainment

Like I said, I was super lucky to be able to not only preview the film, but also to interview Ashley! Check this out, and then go watch the movie! 
Thank you, Lionsgate Entertainment and Ashley Aufderheide!

KidTerviewing Ashley Aufderheide in My Grandma’s Kitchen! 🙂

On June 30th, Four Kids and It will be available on Digital, Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand, including major digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and others. Trailer: https://youtu.be/oZ_U-kkRenY

Rating: Rated PG for thematic elements, some rude/suggestive comments, fantasy violence and language