Excitement’s in the AIR at Acrobuffos Airplay at The New Victory Theater!
by Waverly W., 9 years old

Air…who ever thinks about it? We know we need it to live, but did you ever think air could be fun? I didn’t either, until I saw Acrobuffos Airplay at The New Victory Theater!

Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone are Acrobuffos, and I’m here to try to explain what they do with simple things like fabric, balloons, umbrellas, glitter….and, of course, AIR.  You could almost call them “Air Magicians!” I promise you, you have never seen a show like this one!  And guess what, there are no words!

As always, when we got the the New Victory Theater that my mom loves because it is SO easy to get to from pretty much anywhere, and we both love because it is beautiful (and this show made it even more beautiful, if that was possible), there were some fun things going on downstairs so we checked it out.  We had fun “becoming Air Dancers” by following the moves of an air dancer on a big screen in front of us.  Lots of kids were doing it, too, and it was really fun.  Then I played
“Bazookups” and tried to knock some cups over with an air gun.  It’s not as easy as it looks!Then it was showtime, so we made our way to our seats and felt all the excitement from all the kids in the audience and the cool music that was playing to get us in the mood for a cool show.  Excitement was DEFINITELY in the air!  
Then it was all black and these beautiful long red and yellow airy shapes were there in front of us, like they were alive and dancing.  This was because of the circle of fans that were on the floor, and how the Acrobuffos were helping them move.  There was this nice, peaceful music playing, and we just sat there, mesmerized, and so did the rest of the audience.  It was so beautiful!

Credit: Florence Montmare

Then, the show got funny!  The two characters did funny things while trying to steal each other’s balloons.  They even involved the audience, which made it even funnier. Sometimes the show was fast, with balloons coming into the audience or really long, beautiful flowing fabrics going all the way up to the ceiling, and sometimes it was slow, with a big, red, peaceful ballon just slowly bouncing and floating around with nice music in the back.  And the rest of the time it was funny!! Every time you got used to seeing one thing, after a few minutes of that it would totally change and keep surprising you.

Credit: Florence Montmare

I would LOVE to tell you my favorite part because you wouldn’t believe what they do – but I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Go float on over to the New Victory Theater before April 15th, when the show ends and everything just …. floats away.  If you like shows that are surprising, funny, beautiful and unique, you’ve got to see Air Play!

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