Waverly here! Are you ready for something FRIGHTFULLY FANTASTIC? Culliver Crantz, The CREATOR of  Fright Vision Books middle grade book series is hosting a free virtual Halloween event this October—Carve-Con—featuring a writing contest for kids 8-12!  Wouldn’t you love the chance to have some cool, spooky authors read your story out loud? I know I would – so I already entered!  Here I am in my spooky room writing MY spooky entry!

They are looking for creepy, scary tales—throw in some spooky details, twists and turns that will keep readers guessing, and an ending that will keep them up at night!
Create a FrightVision short story for the Carve-Con Writing Contest and have a chance for a published author to read your story aloud on a video for everyone to see!

Stories MUST be 1,000 words or less and written by a kid between the ages of 8 and 12. The stories should be spooky, fun, and exciting (a few good twists would be even better)!
If you submit your story before 9/15/2020 11:59PM EST **THAT’S TOMORROW!** and are one of the first 100 submissions, Culliver Crantz will give you personal feedback about your story, which you can use to re-submit, as long as your story is re-submitted by 10/1/2020 11:59PM EST.  I got MINE in on time, and got some excellent professional advice! Here are all the details:

And here are the awesome PRIZES!!

Good luck to all my fellow fright-writers! For more info click HERE!