The Mom Here with some very exciting news to share…we have just announced a partnership with Camp Broadway , whose mantra, “Develop Your Character” can certainly be useful across every area of every child’s life, whether they are aspiring performers or just “aspiring humans!”

Since she was very young, Waverly has always enjoyed not only attending performances, but being a performer as well.  Here in NYC, there are countless options for serious hopeful performers as well as for kids who just have a plain old love of theater. Wave and I have found that with Camp Broadway, there’s a safe space in which she can learn all about every aspect of theater arts in classes taught by actual, trained Broadway professionals! If that sounds scary and like it’s “too much pressure” for your little one, I can assure you that is NOT the case here.  Where else can you get the real Broadway/professional experience without any pressure whatsoever? Only Camp Broadway…and that is why we are super excited to develop this partnership and to help inspire other kids to “develop their characters” alongside Waverly as she begins her journey with this awesome company! The way I see it, she’s got enough going on without having added stress about something that is supposed to be FUN, you know? And while she’s at it, she’ll be learning from true professionals AND performing on iconic stages! For her first Camp Broadway experience, she’ll be performing onstage at Carnegie Hall…yes, I said Carnegie Hall!  You would think, as I did, that this could not possibly be an opportunity that is available to your kid.  Waverly has some theater experience, yes, and she can carry a tune and learn a dance combination, but “Carnegie Hall-worthy” Theater experience? Nope.  Well, thanks to Camp Broadway, it’s all possible and this once in a lifetime experience is actually available to her, and to kids all across America! For real, no pressure.

So, how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Start here:  Camp Broadway Kids Ensemble!   Wave is already having fun practicing and learning the surprisingly simple audition materials.  Even in our cramped apartment, she’s able to learn the song and dance combination and follow along with their video: 

Seriously, if she could prepare for a dance audition in our tiny living room, literally any kid can also, anywhere! She had tons of fun learning it and singing “Magic to Do” to prep for the video audition submission (which we did from home) – easy peasy – and now it’s kind of “our song,” lol…well, after she sent in her video, it didn’t take long at all to find out if she was accepted:

I am so happy to report that she’ll be singing and dancing onstage at Carnegie Hall for the New York Pops Annual Birthday Gala!  Where else but Camp Broadway Kids Ensemble can my little girl (or your child!) have an unmatchable experience on such a famous stage while learning all about what it takes to be a “real” Broadway caliber performer, without subjecting her to extreme stress and anxiety?? You guessed it. Nowhere.  Camp Broadway, here she comes! Follow her journey here, on and of course on both our social media (see below), but better yet, have your child take his or her own authentic theater journey while developing his or her own character alongside Waverly and other theater-loving kids! Camp Broadway – for real. No pressure.  

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