The Mom here!  When we visited National Geographic’s Ocean Odyssey last year, we knew it was just a matter of time before other cities would want an Ocean Odyssey of their very own….and we were right! National Geographic Encounter recently announced its expansion with KBW Ventures and its partner, the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia to develop and launch up to 10 new locations with Ocean Odyssey, an entertaining and immersive walk-through adventure across the ocean from the South Pacific to the coast of California, throughout the region on an unprecedented scale. The first of several locations in Saudi Arabia will be situated in the city of Riyadh starting in 2019.  We are NOT surprised! (We think this is just the beginning…)

National Geographic Encounter Fun Facts:

  • Guests will get up close with dozens of species, including mischievous sea lions waiting for a playmate, sharks up to 20 feet long, a 50-foot Humpback whale, and a battle between two ferocious Humboldt squids which could have as many as 35,000 teeth each;
  • The coral reef was built from a process called photogrammetry, where more than 1,300 photos were taken on location in the Solomon Islands. The 2D photos were then used to construct 3D models of coral;
  • Kelp found throughout the experience is modeled after the Giant Kelp species, which grows at a rate of up to 2 feet per day; 120,000 fish make their appearance in the magnificent bait ball feeding frenzy.

Still haven’t experienced this amazing Ocean Odyssey for yourself?? What are you waiting for?
The original is still right here in NYC…check out our Kid Review here:

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