Notes from The Kiditor
October, 2016

What a busy couple of months!  I never expected that on my first day of third grade I’d be playing the young version of YouTube Star Rachel Levin from RCL Beauty 101, I feel so lucky!  My mom and I want to thank all the people who said nice things to us, especially all the people from all over the world who we don’t even know!  You have all been very nice and we want to send you a big THANK YOU!  We are really happy you have found Kids’ News NYC and hope you keep up with us, and even submit some of your stories to us, even if you don’t live in or around NYC! We would love to hear how life is in your part of the world and we are sure our readers would too!

I have been very lucky to have so many people be nice to me, even before all the I AM UGLY stuff happened.  Some people are not so lucky though.  October is Bullying Prevention Month and I and my fellow Kid Reporters are hoping to help spread kindness.  I am learning a lot about bullying and how it hurts people every single day.  Imagine not wanting to go to school, not because of Math, but because of how mean people are to you?  That makes me sad.  Let’s all work together to make the world a nicer place. Even if you just give someone a smile, that could change their whole day. If there’s someone sitting alone at lunch, go sit with him or her, or invite him or her to join your group.  After all, wouldn’t you want someone to do that for you?

I interviewed Mike Dreiblatt, president of right from my living room, thanks to Skype, and we also have an article telling you some tips on how to be bully-free.  Coming soon we will have stories from other kid reporters who submitted their stories to us.  You can do that too, just check out the “Reporters Wanted” tab on the home page, or have your mom or dad email us at

Besides helping to spread the anti-bullying message, we have a new article reviewing a Meghan Trainor concert by Kid Reporter Ella from Queens.  Maybe YOUR review can be next!

And we didn’t forget that October means…HALLOWEEN!  You may know by now that started out from a little walk around my block with my mom, but did you know that it was a spooky October day and I came home to write about the scariest Halloween decorations I saw around my neighborhood?  See what a few goblins and witches can do?  We’d love to see your scary Halloween pictures, so get out there and bring us the scoop.  Don’t eat too much candy!

And remember –  be a buddy, not a bully!



October 2016