By Jackson R.
9 years old
October 2, 2016.  It’s a cloudy fall day to watch the Yankees play their last game of the season against the Baltimore Orioles.  I asked my friend William to join me, my brothers and Mom and Dad.  Today was also a great day for the Yankees because it was Mark Teixeira’s last game.  He was retiring from baseball.  Mom and Dad got all of us sodas, french fries, chicken fingers, and Cracker Jacks. We also found the prize in the Cracker Jack bag.
We were seated in the field level, row 6 and I was in a great section to catch a ball.  Top of the 7th inning, Baltimore up to bat.  The batter hits a foul ball straight towards us.  Two rows behind me a fan tries to catch it with his hands but it must of hurt so he dropped it and it rolled off of William’s head and then onto the ground.  We all scrambled for the ball and then it rolled below us into the next row.  The woman in front of us tried grabbing it but when she got up, she must have kicked it back by accident and it rolled right into my hand!  I’m glad my mom told me to bring my glove.
I was so happy especially when the fans around me were giving me high fives.  It was a great experience and a once in a lifetime experience for me.