Hi everyone!  November was great – we did so many fun things here at Kids’ News NYC and had some great articles by Kid Reporters like Zach A. and Anna W. to show you what it’s like to be a kid in NYC!  We baked with Juss Baked, slept at The Museum of Natural History, dressed up all fancy, painted pictures together and went to a big football game!!  There is SO MUCH to do and the reason I created Kids’ News NYC is so we can share it with others by writing about it.  You can be a writer or a reader or BOTH here! Just remember, there’s news on every corner – you just have to open your eyes and notice it!  20161114_175909

Get ready for a magical December!! Last night we went to an AMAZING show on Broadway called “The Illusionists.”  We are working on that review and it will be posted soon.  That is not all…December is filled with cool shows and holiday events that Kids’ News NYC has been asked to cover.  Stay tuned!

Waverly – The Kiditor in Chieffoto_no_exif-58

The Mom here!  I want to take a moment to THANK YOU for your support.  It has been just 3 months since this site was “born” and this little baby is growing quickly!  Please continue to keep up with us and have your kids read all about what’s going on in the world of kids!  And remember-Reporters Wanted!! We can’t do it all, so have your little one look around and find some news, and send it on over to us!

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