Author’s name and location witheld
by parental request
11 years old
Once when I was in 4th grade I went down a closed slide. This boy yelled into the slide knowing I had a hearing problem. He also would go up to me and say “can you hear me?” This kept happening so I told the principal and she said the boy had to write a letter apologizing to Chris. My mom said that wasn’t enough and demanded a meeting with the boy’s mother. We met in the principal’s office and his mother started crying and saying she felt bad about it and so did her son.  She asked if we could have a play date and I agreed. After the meeting her son wrote a sincere letter apologizing to me and we had a few play dates after that and became friends. We’re still friends to this day.  What I did was tell an adult I trusted and I’m happy that she listened to me and my mom.  I am happy with how it all turned out.