By “Chef Reporters” Ahiri G., Alessandra P., Callum S., Matteo I., and Waverly W., 10 years old

The Mom here!

Who doesn’t love delicious food, made fresh…by their kid? I must admit, it’s a (very) rare occasion that I get to feast on fresh crepes and salad made, start to finish, by my 10 year old.   In fact, it’s so rare that it has only happened once in my life.  It happened today, in fact, at Freshmade NYC. I was lucky enough to “happen to be” standing by their table when the kids finished up the class and sat down for their feast.  On the menu? Savory Chive Crepes, Salad with an amazing French Vinaigrette, and for dessert, Cocoa Crepes with strawberries, bananas, and fresh whipped cream that was as fun for the kids to make as it was for them to eat. Here’s their take on the class!  

“Today at Freshmade NYC, I chose France as our country for the “Cooking Around the World” theme — we made the BEST recipes ever! We got to chop and skin all sorts of food and make our own crepes!”


Callum here!

When we first walked in I got excited when I saw all the cool cooking supplies. I could tell we were going to make some great food and that everyone was going to do their part.

Callum puts on his best “Gordon Ramsay Face” and gets cooking…

Ally here!

I would describe Freshmade NYC as Fun, Immersive, and DELICIOUS! My first favorite part was eating all the food we made. My second favorite part was when we made crepes, because they let us handle the skillet on our own. (Note from Mom: Awesome chef/instructors Anna and Molly were close by, of course!)

Ahiri here!

I had a lot of fun here, cutting and dicing the fruits and veggies. It was an exciting, delicious, awesome experience! Making the whipped cream was exciting and taking turns shaking it up was fun! If you want to learn how to cook, which is an important life skill, you should check out Freshmade NYC!

Matteo’s turn!

I have cooked a lot of pasta in my life but I have never cooked French food. It was really fun – making the chocolate crepes was awesome, but eating them was even better! I love chocolate!
Would I do this again? Oui, Oui!

Back to Waverly!

Taking a cooking class at Freshmade NYC was delicious, fun and very satisfying to eat! It felt great to know that all that yummy food we were eating was completely made by us! If you go to FreshMade NYC for their theme of Baking Around the World, you can bake from one of the many countries they have to offer. It was very hard to choose just one! So what do I rate FreshMade NYC? 11 out off 10!

Bon Appétit!

Kids should take a class at Freshmade NYC because it gives us healthy food and teaches us how to cook. We aren’t watching, we’re helping for every part of the process. And for the first time in a long time, salad tasted good!

Ale P. (Sorry, mom!)

Some final thoughts from Mom: I can’t say enough good things about everyone’s experience at Freshmade NYC. Owner Cara Silman “grew up in the kitchen” and is now helping to pass along that experience to NYC kids (and what a stunningly beautiful and welcoming, home-y kitchen it is!). Each of the kids was completely involved in and totally focused on the process of making their meal. It was awesome to witness their teamwork. I was a little worried during the drive downtown before we got there, while they fought over pretty much everything and I seriously considered turning that car around and forgetting about it! But as Matteo’s mom noticed on the drive back to the UES, the kids were all calm and sweetly discussing their favorite types of food and whether they prefer salty or sweet stuff all the way home, with zero incidents of any kid accusing another kid kicking a seat or anything like that! Obviously the teamwork they had just experienced had a positive effect on them beyond the class itself. So do I recommend Freshmade NYC? Oui, oui! For delicious food, made fresh by kids…and for teamwork you can taste! For more info ( there are also camps, birthday parties, private adult nights…) check out Freshmade NYC

Bon Appétit!