In Which … 10 year old Waverly speaks to Legendary Voice Actor Jim Cummings about the importance of doing nothing and the upcoming DVD release of Disney’s awesome movie, Christopher Robin!
The Mom here!  Walt Disney once said, “It all started with a mouse,” and Wave and I often paraphrase when we look back at how this little blog all started with a (spooky) house.  Three years ago, after taking our little neighborhood walk around Halloween time, when Waverly’s little idea of creating a kids’ news site was even tinier than a mouse and hadn’t yet come to life, we would never have imagined that Disney would be calling us! I guess it’s true…when you wish upon a star, anything your heart desires will come to you.  We had a summer filled with “Disney Magic,” first hitting the parks and then ending up on a Disney Cruise, where we first saw the (incredibly awesome, fun, sweet and insightful) movie “Christopher Robin.” Ironically, I had been too busy with “work and website” stuff to see it right before our cruise when it first came out, despite Waverly’s repeated requests.  We were of course very happy to learn that it was playing on our cruise ship, and now we are very happy to learn that the DVD/BluRay comes out on November 6th – so now we can hang out with Tigger, Pooh, and of course Christopher Robin, too – whenever we feel like hanging out with this very adorable cast of characters, and whenever we feel we need a reminder to slow down and just let life unfold….just like a certain important Business Man needed to do in the movie!  Only problem is, his past just can’t seem to let him go! 

Courtesy of Michael Garcia

Waverly here! Like this movie teaches you, “doing nothing often leads to the very best of somethings!” And we think “doing nothing” with Pooh, Tigger, and the rest of the movie characters will definitely lead to the very best of somethings!  I can personally vouch for that statement, because I had an awesome “something” happen to me because of this movie – I got to actually speak to Jim Cummings, who has been the voice of Pooh and Tigger for around 30 years! If you saw the movie, you know how awesome he makes these characters sound – Pooh’s fuzzy little sweet voice teaches both kids and grownups some really important lessons while you’re watching this fun and adventurous story, and Tigger’s fun and bouncy voice will inspire you to find the laughter and excitement in everything.  What an honor to be able to speak to him – listen to it for yourself and find out if Pooh and Tigger came on the line to talk to me, too! Link is above! Go listen to it…I’ll wait!! Here’ s Jim Cummings – the amazing voice actor behind Pooh, Tigger, and hundreds of other characters!

Photo courtesy of Michael Garcia

Was that an Interesting Interview or what? I told you he’s awesome – and super nice, too! My mom and I were like, OMG, when he spoke to me in the Pooh and Tigger voices and that is something we will always remember! Now, back to the movie…remember how I said that doing nothing actually leads to the very best of somethings? (OK, actually Pooh said it!) – well, another really awesome “something” happened because we watched Christopher Robin, and this can happen to you and whoever you watch this DVD with (or buy it for!) – we started to slow down and enjoy life a lot more than before we watched it.  And if you know my mom – who is always doing something! – you know that her slowing down and just chillaxin and hanging out doing nothing is almost impossible. Well, it WAS almost impossible for her until she watched this movie with me! But another thing Pooh teaches us in this film is that “Nothing is Impossible”  – he does nothing every day!! So the very best of somethings that happened to us from this movie, besides being able to actually speak to Jim Cummings, was that now, my mom and me can do nothing sometimes, together.  If you know a super busy person like Christopher Robin or my mom, you have to watch this DVD with them! It will make them understand that the simple things in life are actually the best things.

Photo courtesy of Micheal Garcia

Back to Mom – Yes, it’s all true – I have slowed down a lot since seeing this movie, and learned that sometimes happiness is as simple as a red balloon, and I’m much better able to relax and enjoy those “carefree days of childhood” while Waverly still has them.  I’m actually not sure who this movie is more “for” – kids or adults! Lucky we don’t have to choose. I agree with Jim Cummings – buy a copy of this DVD for 17 of your closest friends – they will thank you for it, and it might just change their lives.

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