Review of Barely Methodical Troupe’s “Bromance”
Playing at The New Victory Theater (only until Feb. 25!)
by Waverly W., and Peri R., 9 years old
The Mom here! It’s February, and we all know what that means – flowers, hearts, candy, love, and…BROMANCE! That’s right, I said Bromance.  This Valentine’s Day, there’s an extra special treat at The New Victory Theater that goes way beyond the usual.  You absolutely must stop what you’re doing right now and go see these “bros” do their thing.  OK, read this first, then go here for tickets:  Get My Bromance Tickets!
We ladies know, there’s romance, and then there’s bromance, where your man has the primal need to spend time in his Man Cave with a bunch of guys doing…whatever they do down there.  Barely Methodical Troupe’s Louis Gift, Charlie Wheeler, and Beren D’Amico are here from Britain with a Bromance that reaches incredible new heights and takes male friendships to a level way higher than your typical Man Cave Basement.  Let’s just say they defy gravity….
Waverly here!  I love seeing shows at The New Victory Theater but honestly, when my mom told me we were going to see these guys and I started to learn about them and what they do I was more excited than ever!  When we got there, we went downstairs to do some fun activities before the show, one of the reasons I love going to this theater.  Sam and Will showed us weight sharing (see our pic above, hi Sam and Will!) and Peri and I made up our own handshake.  Here we are doing the Fish Slap:

When we went to our seats I saw that I wasn’t the only one who was excited – the whole theater was packed with people of all ages who could not wait for Bromance to start. You could just feel the excitement.  Then it started and we saw these 3 guys start doing funny handshakes and trying to outdo each other and we all went crazy laughing and clapping.  After they introduced themselves, the tricks began! Flips, backbends, cartwheels, and stuff that has no name!  Here, check this out (Photo Credit: Chris Nash)
There was really cool music playing as they did all kinds of things – we were just staring at them like, “How are they doing all this?”  They were really funny, too – there was a part when one f them fell back, expecting the other two to catch him, but…ouch.  They even made whistling funny!  I leaned over to my mom and made sure she wrote down the words, “Totally Hilarious.”  These guys are amazingly talented! This show is incredible! It’s like 10 shows all wrapped up into an hour – there’s comedy, circus-y stuff, dance, cool music and lights, and balancing that will make you hold your breath and say, “I can’t look!” Look for yourself: (Photo Credit: Chris Nash)
See what I mean?  And then there was the Cyr Wheel – we were just staring, mesmerized, while Charlie Wheeller worked with the wheel to spin and did things that none of us are able to describe! You really HAVE to see it for yourself!  Here’s another picture by Chris Nash so you get the idea, but you really have no idea unless you see it:Peri here! This show was so cool! I could not believe what I was seeing!   I loved the whole show and everyone in the audience did, too.  I never saw anything like it! I want to see it again!  We can’t tell you the end but just wait until you see it. ou won’t believe what these guys can do!
Waverly here again! I want to see it again, too, Mom!  And you will, too.  So this Valentine’s Day – give yourself and your kids the gift of Bromance!  They will LOVE you for it! The guys were also really nice – we got to meet them after the show! They were just as funny as they were onstage and they even let us sit on their shoulders for this pic! 
Back to Mom! Kids, you think you’re the only one who wants to see this again?  I do, too!  They’re right – you won’t believe what you see, right from the very beginning, to the glittering finale, you will LOVE Bromance.  It’s mesmerizing, funny, a bit “saucy” (that is meant to be said in a British accent, by the way) – it was super fun to watch their take on Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing,” and yes, there is a part when they do their thing in nothing but their underwear, but it’s all in good fun and only slightly “cheeky” – I couldn’t resist…the only bad thing about that was that seeing what great shape they’re in (and that’ s an understatement!) made me regret the huge lunch I had just eaten.  But whatever.  I got over it immediately because I was too busy being in awe of what these guys were doing.  After the show, the guys were kind enough to sit with the girls and answer some questions.  Check it out below. They describe the show in one word as, “Love,” and yes, I understand why…although I would call it “Indescribable.”  But you will definitely love Bromance.

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