A Delicious Day at Cool Mess NYC
by Waverly W., 8 years old and Ahiri G., Manhattan
foto_no_exif-227Waverly here!  Ahiri and I can’t wait to tell you about Cool Mess NYC, the only place in the city where you can actually MAKE your own ice cream.  But that’s not all – there’s so much more!  When I woke up that day, I was a hot mess, but when we got there I turned into a cool mess! When we went through the door and up the stairs and saw their “cool” sign, we knew we were about to have some delicious fun!  And we were right…
We sat down and looked at our “Steps to the Mess” sheet to plan our MESSipes.  First we chose a vanilla base, and then had a tough time deciding between “Birthday Cake,” “Cookie Monster,” “Caramel Corn,” or “After School Special.”  Or you can call it, “Yum, yum, yum or yum?”  We chose Birthday Cake which had sprinkles, pound cake and whipped cream and added some marshmallows for even ore yum.  They have all kinds of things you can mix in if you want to create your own MESSipe, like snickers, cookie dough, bananas, mini gummy bears….

What should we pick??

Ahiri here! Then we got to pour the base into the mixer, which was fun.  I’ve never done that before!  We both wanted a turn so we shared the fun. After that we had fun looking around while we waited for our mix ins to get to the table. There’s candy there and an ice cream counter too! Back to Wave!  While we were waiting, I tried out some of the sorbets.  Bobby let me try lemon and when I tasted it I said, “That tastes like a real lemon!”  And then I decided to try something I usually don’t eat, Mango.  It was actually really good! Thanks, Bobby, for making me try something new!foto_no_exif-223They have all kinds of flavors and even cool cones like candy, chocolate chip and pretzel!  My mom was impressed because the ice cream at the counter was from a place called Il Laboratory del gelato.  She said she wasn’t going to eat sweets that day but now that she knew they had that she would definitely come back for it! (Mom here -well, I tried not to eat sweets, and I did really well, until I caved….more on the later!) Then we looked at all the candy in bins and also made some designs on their magnet board.  I liked how the magnets looked like sprinkles!  We imagined having a birthday party there and I wished I could have mine there.  They let you have a candy spree!! Awesome!! (Mom again – I agree, Waverly, this place would be awesome for your party!).  foto_no_exif-224Then it was time to put our mix ins into the ice cream base!  That part was so fun and we couldn’t wait to eat it!  We secretly each took out a marshmallow to eat on the side.foto_no_exif-221After a few minutes waiting for it to be ready it was time to scoop out our creation and taste it.  Yum!  It was definitely worth the wait!  Ahiri here! It was fun to make the ice cream and it tasted so good!foto_no_exif-222Back to Wave – I was definitely NOT a hot mess anymore!!  This place is totally cool!  And guess what? We got to have a candy spree!! And it wasn’t even my birthday.  I felt like Willy Wonka let me into his candy factory as we got fill our containers with as many treats as we could fit in them!  OMG this was a dream come true.  My mom said it didn’t have to be my birthday to do this again, all I have to do is get good grades on tests and she’ll take me back to do it again.  Mom, you’ve got a deal!  Cool Mess, I will be back!foto_no_exif-225Mom here again!   Yes, we definitely will be back and next time we’ll order dinner from Burger Heaven which is right downstairs – how convenient! You can get burgers, sandwiches, salads…and then of course the ice cream!  As Wave and Ahiri stuffed their containers full of candy, I couldn’t resist taking one more look at the ice cream counter, where Bobby was waiting – he knew I’d be back!!  He was right, who can resist flavors like Smores, Toasted Coconut, or my usual standby Cookies and Cream?  Like the kids, I had a hard time choosing….so I chose all three!  Suddenly I was eight years old again as Bobby handed me my ice cream, which I of course HAD to have on a candy cone!  One taste and guess what? I wasn’t a hot mess anymore!  🙂 foto_no_exif-226

Thanks to Cool Mess NYC for a delicious day, not just for the kids, but for myself as well!  Fun, delicious, and totally cool.  Make sure you tell them Kids’ News NYC sent you…and say hi to Bobby for us!

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Don’t lose your cool…just get to Cool Mess!20170427_060707