Review of Blue Man Group
by Waverly W. and Peri R., 8 years old

foto_no_exif-128The Mom here!  What do you get when you combine paint, sound, drums, jello, strobe lights, fire extinguishers, Captain Crunch, Twinkies, rock concert moves….and toilet paper, throw in lessons about texting and driving and how your brain processes colors, mix in a lot of humor and just a little bit of eerie suspense?  There’s only one right answer here.

Blue Man Group.

I’ll let the kids take it from here.
Good luck, kids.  Ready, Go. 

Waverly here!  Before we left for the show, my mom kept saying, “Wave, you are gonna LOVE this show, it’s gonna be SO COOL.” So of course I asked her what it was about.  We watched a couple of YouTube videos and of course I’ve seen the ads in cabs and around the city but all I really knew was that these blue guys played drums and stuff.  “You’ll see,” she said.  “I can’t really explain it.”    Now I know what she meant because…I can’t really explain it!  But as The Kiditor in Chief here at Kids’ News NYC, I promise I’ll try my best!  Here we are when we first sat down in the theater and were just waiting around, with pretty much no idea of what was about to happen:20170318_163932

A few minutes later the fun started, even before the Blue Men came out!  Music started playing, they started handing out yellow ribbons, and really funny stuff was running on the teleprompter (Mom taught me that word!).  We started talking to a really cool security guard named Elvin and it started to feel very exciting – I could tell this was going to be one amazing show!


OK, now is the part I’m supposed to explain the show and it’s really hard to do it!  I think it actually might be impossible! When they came out and started to drum with the colors, everyone was going crazy and Peri kept cracking up because they were so funny.  

Photo Credit: Lindsey Best
Photo Credit: Lindsey Best

It was so many different things in one show, so I can try to tell you some of it…like when they caught marshmallow thingies in their mouths and made paintings and sculptures from them, or when they picked a guy out of the audience and took him backstage and, well, I’m not gonna tell you! But here is a clue:

foto_no_exif-131Speaking of when they came out into the audience, those parts were creepy cool!  They would just walk right by you, stare at you for a few seconds and then leave, and then come back, and then leave and keep searching for someone. I was hoping it would be me and hoping it would NOT be me at the same time!  Those parts were mysterious and fun.  

They made cool music out of giant pipes, too:

blue small
Photo Credit: Lindsey Best

There were even some gross parts that were really funny!  The Blue Men weren’t trying to be gross, it was more like they just didn’t understand and that made it even funnier.  

My favorite part was, well the whole thing was my favorite part!  I loved the music (they had a really awesome band!) and I loved when they used the strobe lights and our yellow ribbons started to glow.  I honestly can’t really explain it –  you have to go see it for yourself.  I mean it, you HAVE to go see it!  Then I dare you to try to explain it…one piece of advice I have for you when you go is don’t be late!! Just, well, don’t be late. Also don’t leave early!  Just, well, don’t leave early.  You’ll see.  

Peri here!  I’m going to tell you a little bit about the giant phones, one of my favorite parts!  The Blue Men were so funny with them, there were three giant phones that each had special effects, like the Digi-Enhancer – when a Blue Man went behind that phone, he changed into a funny outfit with a tutu! It was so crazy and we have no idea how they did that.  And then they ordered all this Captain Crunch cereal and it got delivered, and they were so silly eating it and even spitting it out into the audience (don’t worry, if you end up sitting there, you’ll be protected by a raincoat)!  I also liked when one of the Blue Men caught like a hundred marshmallows.  That was amazing!  And then he made a statue out of it.  He was so funny!   

The ending was totally awesome and I’m not going to ruin it for you! Like Wave says, you just have to see it for yourself.  All I can say about the end is you will have lots of fun and you will laugh a lot and go crazy.  Actually, that’s true for the whole entire show so you should go ask your mom and dad to take you to see it!

Back to Wave!   It felt like a hundred years later when we walked out of the theater, and I even felt like I went to another planet!  The first thing I said to my mom when we got outside was, “I don’t even know if I’m alive anymore, that was so awesome!”

The Mom here again! It really was that awesome.  I love that it’s still in the same theater it’s been in for 25 years, the same place where I saw it many years ago – being there made me remember being young.  That’s extremely rare these days!  Words can’t do it justice.  There’s a lot going on in front of you but also inside of you as you watch – well, I should say, as you experience it.  You can go just to have fun or you can go to think deeply about the human condition.  You’ll laugh at them, cringe for them, be slightly afraid of them, root for them, dance with them, be in awe of them, feel sorry for them, want to be them, love them….and then you’ll realize that you ARE them.  Whatever your reason for going, I guarantee you it is the best time you will ever have with paint, sound, drums, jello, strobe lights, fire extinguishers, Captain Crunch, Twinkies, rock concert moves….and toilet paper.
Ready, go:

We love these guys!