Waverly here! Yesterday, Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) kicked kick off a three-day digital art presentation showcasing the work of 27 New York City Public School students ranging from prekindergarten through the 12th grade. Their art, chosen from over a thousand submissions, is now being displayed on Clear Channel’s screen in Times Square’s Duffy Square. These awesome works of art in the Times Square showcase were chosen from the 115 works in this year’s exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, P.S. Art 2019: Celebrating the Creative Spirit of NYC Kids, a project of the New York City Dept. of Education, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Studio in a School NYC.  I was lucky enough to be at the unveiling of all the art on the big screen, and also to KidTerview Fred Rosenberg, President of TSAC! Check it out:

Times Square is ALWAYS amazing – and the kids’ art made it even MORE amazing…even in the pouring rain!

Photo Credit: Miyan Levenson/Clear Channel Outdoor

It was fun to see the unveiling of such a special and unique art exhibit! The young artists and their families must have felt so proud to see their work up there for millions of people to see!

Photo Credit: Miyan Levenson/Clear Channel Outdoor

I even got to KidTerview Jacquelin Chokpaporn, Student Artist, Grade 10 at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School in Queens – you can see her artwork above (but to really appreciate it, you better get to Duffy Square asap!!) 

We are all unique and have our own things to give to the world.  Artist Fred Wilson, who was also at the event, spoke about how important art is in today’s world, and I agree!  

Photo Credit: Miyan Levenson/Clear Channel Outdoor

If you have a chance, go to Duffy Square (47th and 7th) in Times Square and look up, right above Dos Caminos Restaurant! See the amazing artwork that NYC students have created, feel the excitement of Times Square, and get inspired to create something yourself!  But if you can’t make it there in the next couple of days, don’t worry – it will be on display this year at The Metropolitan Museum of Art through Sunday, October 20th!  

I know I’ll definitely be checking it out – and so should you!