Take an EGGstra Special Ride with Catskill Mountain Railroad in Kingston!

Waverly here! Spring has sprung, finally, and we were ready for some “fresh breezin fun” and to take a little day trip out of the city to our favorite home away from home, Kingston, New York, home of our favorite Train away from home, Catskill Mountain Railroad! We loved the Polar Express so we figured we’d pay a visit to the Easter Bunny and hunt for some Easter Eggs on their Easter Bunny Express train…. 

“Fresh Breezin’ Fun!”

As we climbed (ok, hopped) on board their vintage trains, there was happy music and even happier children, flowers and easter decorations all over, and it really felt like Spring was finally here. Then with a clang of the bells we were off….across Hurley Flats to Hurley Mountain.  We heard a little history of the railroad as we followed the same route travelers have used since the 1860’s.

I could feel the little kids’ excitement getting stronger and I realized The Easter Bunny must be near….and I was right!

Hoppy Easter!

After a little while longer in the fresh air (we sat outside), the car went back the other way and we stopped for a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt! I think I was just as excited to fill my bag as all the little kids were….

There were plenty of colorful, candy-filled eggs to go around, and the people working there were very nice and helped make sure that nobody took too much. I saw some adults having fun hunting, too (hi, mom)!  There was even a mischievous fox named Fernando to add to the excitement..and cute picture-taking opportunities…

Don’t worry, kids, he’s harmless!

If you are looking for a nice day outside of the city and you love egg hunts, vintage trains and fresh air – hop onboard Catskill Mountain Railroad’s Easter Bunny Express!

Two weekends left…

Saturday April 13, 2019 @ 10:30am12pm1:30pm3pm & 4:30pm

Saturday April 20, 2019 @ 10:30am12pm1:30pm3pm & 4:30pm