Waverly here! Just another typical Wednesday, got up, took a train downtown…and transformed into an actual Hogwarts student where I wandered around Hogwarts Castle and helped Dobby after he  accidentally let loose a case full of magical creatures.  Oh, and I also hopped on an actual broomstick and flew all around through misty clouds and over the Tower Bridge in London, casting spells with my own magic wand and dodging the Death Eaters.  Yes, really. So I guess you could call it a WIZARDING WEDNESDAY. Wow.

How did I do all this, you ask? Easy. I went to the Harry Potter flagship store in New York City (www.harrypotterstore.com) where I took part in two VR experiences there – and I can one hundred percent guarantee you – THEY ARE VERY COOL. I can’t tell you too much as I was sworn to secrecy with my new Hogwarts buddies, but I can tell you that these are extremely magical and real experiences that will make you swear that you are actually there.  It wasn’t anything at all like anything I have ever experienced, and I am still freaking out about how amazing both experiences were. “Wizards Take Flight” was majestic and exciting and unbelievably awesome! My mom and I were literally zipping through the air, in control of our own brooms, flying wherever we wanted, high up in the sky and around the castle. In one word….WOW. 

We took a little break between VR experiences and checked out the AMAZING store.  I had NO IDEA it was that awesome in there! It’s a whole other world in there and it has some awesome artifacts – like 9 authentic props from the Harry Potter movies! Check out THIS broom – yes, it’s THE BROOM that Harry flew in the movies! I strongly suggest that you download the Harry Potter Fan Club App before you go – they have very cool things to scan by each of the authentic props!

The store is more like a world! It has EVERYTHING Harry Potter-related. Books? Yep. Just look up!

Merch? Yep! Wands? Yes! Candy? Of course!

Literally EVERYTHING. I plan to go back soon and really report on it! But, it was time for us to either cause or cure some “Chaos at Hogwarts!” While walking up the stairs to get to our next destination, the worker let us in on a secret. The bricks here are ALWAYS cold to stimulate the feeling of a real outside train station! When we got there, we immediately were amazed. It was all so…real….

As you can see, it looks like a REAL train station! So real that we actually missed the Hogwarts Express!  And that’s when the CHAOS began…

Courtesy ThinkJam/Michael Garcia

Again, sworn to secrecy!! Take my word for it, you absolutely MUST do this and when they say you become part of the adventure, they mean it!! So get your wand ready, hop on your broom, catch the Hogwarts Express, or just take a subway and cause – or cure – some chaos at Harry Potter New York!

The full sensory adventures, made in partnership with VR masters Dreamscape and Wevr, allow real-time interactive exploration of Hogwarts Castle.

  • “Chaos at Hogwarts” lets hopeful witches and wizards step into a magical journey to roam Hogwarts Castle and become part of the adventure where magical creatures and secrets await. Enter Hogwarts and help Dobby on the adventure of a lifetime!
  • “Wizards Take Flight” prepares guests to fly on brooms with the thrills of a magical wand battle against Death Eaters over the skies of London and around the enchanting grounds of Hogwarts Castle. Choose your own Harry Potter avatar and prepare to join the adventure!