I just had a once in a lifetime experience when I went to see Blue Man Group and had a VIP Jam Session with Josh Matthews, the amazing drummer in The Blue Man Band

Let me tell you, I have a lot of amazing experiences as a Kid Reporter, and I mean A LOT, but this was definitely the most unique, cool, and awesome one I’ve ever had.

My mom says that if you live in New York, you HAVE to experience Blue Man Group at least once, and I think she’s right – but I’m adding that you also HAVE to experience jamming with a band member! It literally doubles the coolness and excitement that you already have when you’re about to see the show, if that’s even possible. And guess what? It is! I have to admit, I was a little nervous before I met Josh. I mean, he’s in The Blue Man Band! And I’m in Fifth Grade!

My mom told me that Blue Man is all about being creative and not being uptight with rules and stuff, and she told me that she was sure that anyone in The Blue Man Band would automatically be cool and easygoing. She was right!! From the second I met Josh, I felt comfortable and ready to rock! I felt like I was not just with a member of the band, but like I WAS a part of the band, and it was AMAZING!

We went into a private room that had a custom built instrument and UV lighting ( the UV light made cool pictures made of special paint show up on the wall) made me feel like I was a rock star before I even started playing. Josh handed me some drumsticks, gave me a little tutorial, and then he started a beat that I played along with and it felt SO AMAZING to be playing right by a MASTER Rocker! I never played drums (or a custom built Blue Man instrument, obviously) and I was really surprised at how I could keep up with the rhythm. Then it was time for the Grand Finale when he turned on some Blue Man Music and we played along and I felt like I really was a true Rock Star! I even discovered that I’m kind of good at playing drums!

It’s hard to describe just how awesome this experience was. I really felt special and like I was having a really unique experience, but at the same time, I felt like I was with a good friend of mine that I have known forever. And I had only met Josh like half an hour ago! Want to feel like a rock star before you see Blue Man Group? Then you HAVE to experience a VIP Jam Session! It makes going to see Blue Man Group even more amazing – and that isn’t an easy thing to do, that show is so fun and, well, as they say, “hard to describe but easy to love” – but I’ll get to the actual show later! Check out my Kid-Terview with my new friend Josh Matthews, who let me sit in with him while he was getting ready for the show. Yes, I’m very lucky… but you’re lucky too, because you can “sit in” with us and watch him prepare along with me, and hear his awesome answers and advice!

Josh really rocks, don’t you agree? And now…it’s showtime! Time for me to see (and hear) Josh in action as he plays in the Blue Man Band for Blue Man Group! We put our raincoats on (VIP Jam Session tickets give you the best seats, also!) and got ready for … anything. There was a big group behind me on a school trip from Michigan (Hmm, I guess they took “Go Blue ” literally… or should I say “Go BLUE MAN GROUP! [corny joke alert!] ) and they did not know what to expect. My mom and I were like, “Just wait. Your mind is about to be blown.” My mom thought it was cool that their “New York Experience” was to see Blue Man Group and said they were definitely in the right place to experience our city.

As you see, the fun starts even before the show starts! The teleprompters scroll funny things that gets everyone in the audience in the mood for fun, and they definitely throw in some hysterical surprises! There is excitement in the air and then Blue Man Group comes out, looking kind of confused, and the band is up high on top of the action, and just like Josh said, the music they make sets the mood and lets us into what is going inside their minds! Now we know why Blue Man Group doesn’t speak – they have an awesome band to do it for them! Although they also play drums, of course….

Blue Man Group National Tour Credit photo: ©Paul Kolnik paul@paulkolnik.com nyc 212-362-7778

I definitely paid special attention to how the band worked with them, and how they created suspense and added to the experience of sitting there nervously as the Blue Man Group went out into the audience, searching for someone….and they also created excitement and fun when the drums exploded and everyone went crazy with rock star movements…and sometimes, the band just stopped and everything was quiet. As for the show itself, it’s SO AWESOME! It’s like a million things at once – color, music, drums, paint, captain crunch, paint balls, strobe lights, twinkies, toilet paper – YES I SAID TOILET PAPER – and it’s the most interesting and unique fun you can have in New York City. Like my mom says, everyone has to see it once, if you live here in NYC, or if you live somewhere else, like Michigan. GO BLUE MAN! I promise, you will love the band, the show, The Blue Man Group, and the toilet paper.

YES, they recycle!!

After the show, if you’re lucky enough to have a VIP Experience ticket (which is separate from the Jam Session) you can even hang out with Blue Man Group and ask them questions (and find out for yourself if they actually ever DO speak) -and you can even take home a really cool souvenir… that was another amazing experience that I will remember forever!

The coolest blue guys you’ll ever meet!

You really have to experience Blue Man Group for yourself to know what I mean, and when you do, make sure you look up at the band and wave to Josh for me! Once you experience it, I dare you to try to describe it….but I won’t have to dare you to love it.