By E. L.
10 years old
Location withheld by author request

Before kindergarten my father would tell us to beware of bullies and make sure me and my twin brother always stuck up for each other. We were in school for about a week when they told me there was a bully on the bus and he was another kindergarten student. I wanted to protect my brother so I punched him because he was bullying him. My mom asked the other moms if they knew of any bully in kindergarten and got her phone number. When she called her she told my mom her son came off the bus crying but wouldn’t tell her why.  It was a big misunderstanding! It turns out her son brushed against my brother and did not say “excuse me.” My brother Evan ran to me and told me  he was being bullied and I punched the poor kid!  So my mom asked his mom if we could all get together and she offered to buy them ice cream since I was the real bully. We all became good friends after that silly incident.  Really bullying is never right but maybe this story can help you make sure you have the right information before you end up being the true bully by mistake!