Kid Review of Rococo Ice Cream
by Waverly W., 10 years old, and Evan and Chris L., 13 years old

The Mom here! Who doesn’t scream for ice cream? Well, you’ll be screaming even louder if you ever happen to be in Maine, where you absolutely MUST try the inventive, original, awesome, Rococo Ice Cream – it is like nothing you have ever tasted, believe us!  Read our Kid Review, and then go find your flavor…yes, it’s worth the trip!
Waverly here! There’s ice cream, and then there’s ROCOCO Ice Cream! I like every ice cream, anywhere, but you will see what we mean when you try THIS ice cream for yourself.  I mean, Spicy Rocky Road? Blueberry Chipotle?? Lemon Pink Peppercorn???  It was really hard to find my flavor…but I sure had fun trying!

The funny thing is, I’m usually a Vanilla girl! But these spicy/sweet combinations made me change my mind.  So what was my flavor? Hmmm….after eating LOTS of ice cream, I think I would go with Coffee Pow – it had coffee and espresso in it, and yes, my mom was not happy I picked that flavor!! Don’t worry, moms, you can always get your kid a double scoop of Maine Whoopie Pie and Honey Vanilla, while you have yourself some Raspberry Red Wine Sorbet! All the ice cream was not only delicious but really fun to try. I would never think of flavors like that! I also liked how they actually encourage you to try lots of different flavors there.  They are so nice! Adrienne and Stephen are what I call SUPER SCOOPERS!

Say hi to Super Scoopers Adrienne and Stephen!

Evan here! Rococo is definitely my new favorite ice cream store, even if it is pretty far away from where I live (Note from Mom – they ship!!  Click here for info!!)  I wanted to start off my tasting spree with the most unique flavor they had – and that was not easy – they were ALL unique!! I decided on Watermelon Basil Lime Sorbet and as soon as I tried it I was like, “IT’S SO GOOD!” I would never have thought to order that flavor but I’m really happy that I tried it.  It’s really hard to describe this flavor – sweet, tangy and fresh….like Waverly says, you just have to try it for yourself! I really liked that flavor but I think my absolute favorite was the Horchata Rum Cake.  They should call it Horchata YUM Cake!!
Chris here! When I first tried Rococo’s Blueberry Chipotle, all I could say was “Oh my God!” It was spicy and sweet and had a zing to it! I also loved the Sweet Avocado Cayenne flavor, which also had a zing to it! I like a little zing with my ice cream, and I didn’t know that until I tried Rococo!
Back to Wave! You’ll never know your flavor, until you go to Rococo and find out for yourself!! Like I said, it’s worth the drive – but if you can’t get to Maine, just go to!
See you next summer, Rococo!!

Back to Mom! Since this ice cream store really is unlike any other that we’ve experienced, we decided to ask Manager Stephen Guptill a few questions…’s the scoop on Rococo!
How did Rococo begin?
Rococo was created by the owner Lauren Guptill 7 years ago. She was living in Argentina at the time but she wanted to create a business that was much more relational, where she could talk to people. Her previous business was an online business so she wanted something a little more tangible. 
She has always loved sweets so she decided to open up an ice cream shop. Part of the reason was how she was inspired by how they make ice cream in Argentina.  Their process is a combination of ice cream and gelato. She took their process, brought it here and created this hybrid.  

How do you come up with your flavors?
We have a “Worldwide Focus” for making our flavors. A lot of them are inspired by different cuisines from around the world. For example, our most popular flavor is Goat Cheese Blackberry Chambord, which is French-inspired. The Sweet Avocado Cayenne is based off of a milkshake Lauren had in Brazil once.  A couple of them are just fun twist on “Maine” flavors – blueberry is a classic Maine flavor but we added some chipotle to that to kind of jazz it up and give it a cool, smoky taste.  

What sets your ice cream apart from other ice cream places?
I think it’s the intentionality of how we make the ice cream.  We make it all in small batches, and it is only made by two people.  A lot of care goes into who makes it.  We also source from local farms so there is a lot of local, high quality ingredients going into our ice cream.  

What does the name ‘Rococo’ mean?
Rococo comes from an art period known for being really whimsical and spontaneous, which is something that we like to mirror in our ice cream, kind of breaking away from conventional ice cream flavors.

Do you have plans to sell this AWESOME ice cream anywhere else?
Right now we have 4 locations in Maine – 2 scoop shops (Ogunquit and Kennebunkport), a test kitchen in Wells where we do very small batch ice creams that are even more creative than what we sell here, and we also sell at a very popular clam shack…I think we would love to branch out as well to other areas!

We here at are crossing our fingers that someday there will be a Rococo right here in NYC! So there you have the scoop on Rococo, the most unique, inventive ice cream any of us have ever tried!
Find YOUR Flavor at Rococo Ice Cream!

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