Kid Review of Cafe Tenny and Betsy
by Waverly W., 9 years old, Sadie S., 10 years old, and Ben S., 6 years old

The Mom here! Is your kid not quite ready for Starbucks, but at that lovely age where they drop your hand immediately when in the vicinity of their school during drop off?
Cafe Tenny and Betsy may be just the place for them.  Bubble  Tea, Macarons, Pastries, Croissants and more (including Lattes!) plus fun stuff like a giant teddy bear and sketch books for doodlers…Kid Reviewers Waverly, Sadie and Ben will take it from here to tell you about the after-school treats they sampled, turning a Monday a FUNday.


Waverly here – like my mom said, it was a regular old Monday and I was home doing homework when I remembered we were going to check out Tenny and Betsy and sample some of their treats.  Suddenly the day got better!  I was excited to see Sadie and Ben, too! When we got there, we sat at a table in the middle of the cafe and started out with some nice cold Passionfruit Slush with black and white bubbles in it (made out of tapioca). It was cool and refreshing and tasted great! It was also fun to drink. 

Sadie here! Tenny and Betsy is a cozy cafe with a cool interior with a cloud ceiling. It smells like fresh baked sweets! We got to try some of them. We tried a gooey cupcake and macarons (mine was cookies and cream), a warm mini chocolate croissant (note from Mom – they take 20 minutes to warm up so be warned!), and Coconut Milk Tea. They were not all sweet – we tried the ham and corn rice balls, aka Onigiri, which is made with sushi-grade rice.  I didn’t get to try a whole one, but the bite I had seemed pretty tasty.  I think other kids and parents should visit this cafe so they can try new things like we did.

My favorite part was tasting all the treats. Yum!

Back to Wave! That cupcake we shared was delicious. So was my Birthday Cake macaron, which looked as good as it tasted, with cute little sprinkles on top.  They also have lots of other yummy looking things we didn’t try but would have loved to, like banana pudding, ice cream and donuts, plus really cute tiny little Nutella bottles.
Ben’s turn! I liked the big giant Teddy Bear sitting on the couch! Check it out:

My favorite part of visiting Tenny and Betsy was the delicious cupcake. I liked the bite I took of the mini chocolate croissant we shared and the strawberry jelly in my coconut drink too! Back to Wave!  I liked the art on the walls, lots of animal pictures.  I love art so really like another fun thing about this cafe – they have a big drawing book with blank pages you can draw in, plus art supplies.  We had fun drawing while we were hanging out and I didn’t go on my phone once during the whole time!  

This is a place you can go to read, write, draw or just hang out with your friends.

This seems like a fun place for a kid to go after school.   See you there!
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