Kid Review of Candytopia
by Waverly W., 10 years old, and Ale P., 9 years old

The Mom here! When I heard that the wildly popular, “outrageously interactive candy wonderland” Candytopia was coming to NYC, I knew one little girl who would absolutely have to experience it.  (I also knew a certain 49 year old who looks exactly like me, strangely enough, who would love to check it out also)!  Lucky us, we were able to attend the preview before it officially opens to the public, and since we were able to bring a friend, Waverly knew her friend and fellow sweet tooth Ale was just the Kid Reporter to take with us on this … ummm…”assignment.” Here is their take on it.
Waverly here! I love candy!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I was to go to Candytopia.  I could not sleep the night before and when I finally did, believe me, I had some sweet dreams!  And guess what? This place was even better than how I imagined it.  Room after room of candy fun!  It’s kind of wild and wacky, just like you are living in Willy Wonka’s Factory!  There’s a lot of suspense when you are about to go in and that makes it even more fun.  I guarantee you, you have never fought your way out of a big purple thing like we had to do to get inside!  I really expected Willy Wonka himself to be at the end of this crazy purple tunnel.

And he was!

Yep, he is made out of candy (and pure imagination)! 7900 pieces, to be exact.  I love art, but art made out of CANDY?? Sweet.  Even sweeter – every room had candy for you to take! Chocolate, Trolli, Airheads, Taffy, Tootsie Pops, Rock Candy (my favorite!) and more! If this was a dream, it was the sweetest dream I’ve ever had…but it was real!! 

It’s like a whole other world in there. Everything is really fun and pretty, and each room has a theme.  This room made us feel like we were under the sea, but we were not afraid to touch these guys!

Instead of us worrying that they would take a bite out of us, they had to worry that we would take a bite out of them!

We loved walking around those really cool rooms while eating candy, and being able to touch everything! There was one rule, though….no licking the exhibits! Believe me, with all that candy around, we didn’t need to!

From the second you walk in until the second you leave, you will have so much fun!!  Trust us, you 100% have to go visit Candytopia!!  

Ale here! I was just as excited as Waverly was to go to Candytopia!  Like she said, right from when you walked in, it was really fun and exciting!  When you first go in, it looks like an old village, then you walk into a clock shop and then an entire experience begins! There is literally candy everywhere and lots of fun activities for you to do.  I loved being in the room with the clouds – we had a lot of fun playing there! 

Of course, we also loved being in the giant marshmallow pit.  I have never done anything like that before and it was sooooo fun! (Note from Mom: They’re not real!) 

Mom here again!  I confess that I jumped right into that Marshmallow Pit along with the kids! We all had an amazing time.  Who needs Halloween when you have Candytopia right here in NYC?  See ya at Candytopia, Sugar!

Unfortunately, Candytopia closes its NYC doors on November 15th, so you really need to (sugar) rush on over there…get your tickets today at
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