by Waverly W. and Peri R., 10 years old, with some  input from Mom!
The Mom here!
As I write this on my hotel room’s porch at the Emerson Resort and Spa , I am in total peace and serenity, listening to the blissful morning sounds of faintly chirping birds with the steady backdrop of the rushing water from the stream just across the way. I’m also drinking good, strong cup of black coffee and in a luxurious robe and nice soft slippers – each of these items is truly the best I’ve ever experienced within a hotel before. I’m in heaven, and I didn’t have to die.  I didn’t even have to fly.  I really feel that we have found the closest – yet furthest – escape from NYC possible. We love our city life, but it gets so hectic…I had not heard about Emerson Resort and Spa before this trip so it really feels like we discovered a hidden treasure.  Check it out for yourself – it’s currently a Tuesday morning, so unlike my usual Tuesday mornings:

*Unfortunately I’m unable to fully convey the sense of being one with nature; you would actually have to be sitting here breathing in the fresh clean mountain air to fully experience this morning bliss.  We love the Catskills and come often but we have never experienced the area like we did during our stay at Emerson. Named for Ralph Waldo Emerson, famous essayist/naturalist, the resort aims to have their guests immerse in nature through every aspect from the art on the walls to the color choices and the little touches like tree branches and nature-inspired Emerson quotations… every detail contributes to this effect, and yes, it works. Literally from the second you open the doors and enter into this resort, you will feel it. Emerson would be proud.

But, alas, I did not go alone….those few minutes were stolen when everyone was sleeping, also blissfully, on the super comfortable, many-pillowed beds.  As great as the room experience in the Royal Suite was (they give you cookies!!), at some point we had to go out and, well, experience nature. Here is the kids’ take on our “Remember to Breathe” mini-break…

Waverly here! This was one of those places where the room was so awesome that you didn’t want to leave, but all the things they have to do outside are also so awesome, that you don’t want to go back inside! Like my mom said, as soon as we went into the check in area, we felt like we were a million miles away.  Our room was amazing – the beds had a bunch of perfect pillows on them, there were robes and comfy slippers, and we even got a little bag of gifts – one of them was a kaleidoscope! 

There was a fireplace and a little basket of snacks that I was actually allowed to eat without my mom getting all worried about how much they cost.  🙂 I took a little relaxing break on the couch and just enjoyed doing nothing for a while….well, eating cookies doesn’t count….This might sound crazy but my favorite part of the room was the bathroom! It had a Swiss Rain Shower which I had never even heard of but was amazing (I want one at home) and a jacuzzi tub. Mom was happy about the Keurig coffee maker!  She also loved how they encourage you to take home your soap. Every time we go away, she talks about how it’s such a waste to throw away perfectly good soap that still has a lot left to use.  She was SO happy to see this and said no hotel ever does that that she knows about:

We could have stayed inside the whole time but of course we had to go out and explore….first we had a tour of the whole property with Kayleen Scali, who is the Reservations and Marketing Supervisor.  She took us all around and told us about how Emerson Resort used to be a dairy farm and is surrounded by the Catskills Forest Preserve. She told us that they want visitors to actually feel “immersed in nature” and we all agreed that they definitely did a good job! When you stay at Emerson, you can stay at the Inn or the Lodge – I thought it was really cool that you could have two different types of experiences at the same place! The lodge was very “lodge-y” and I loved the downstairs game room! We went back there the next day to hang out. There was popcorn, hot chocolate, and of course games to play, which came in handy during a rain storm…and my mom loved all the comfy couches where she sat and read her book while Peri and I had some fun.

Kayleen showed us the most awesome room ever – The Streamside Suite! Someday we WILL stay there! It felt like being in a really nice log cabin and it opened right out onto the Esopus Creek. This is the backyard:

How perfect is that? Mom’s boyfriend Mark said he could have sat there all day, no problem! Knowing him, he could actually sit there all week, but there was still so much to see and do!  There’s a pool and I couldn’t wait to join the people who were already in there having bundles of fun, and there is a whole shopping area that used to be a barn – there are all kinds of stores in there and it’s really pretty and “country-ish” inside.  We plan to come back on Black Friday for sure because Kayleen has a Santa hookup and every year, you can find him right here at Emerson on that day! My favorite store there is the Kaleidostore, where we later checked out the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope that is built inside an old silo from the barn! Of course that was an awesome experience! After you leave that part, it opens up into a room that has all kinds of fun things to do, like making yourself into a kaleidoscope picture!

And guess what? Emerson Resort is dog-friendly! Yes, that is right, you can actually take your dog on vacation with you here because some of the rooms allow them to stay there with you! There’s even a dog park! Mom, we need a dog! She also showed us the fitness center and spa and showed us where the yoga classes were held, and where you can just grab bike and go exploring.  There really is something for everyone here!  When our tour ended she asked if we had any questions. I asked her if this place could be any more perfect and she said that she agreed it is definitely awesome but they always keep looking for ways to make it even better for their guests. We think they are doing a really great job!
Peri here! I live in NYC like Waverly does but my weekend house is close by so I came to hang out for a while and check Emerson out along with Waverly and her family.  I had so much fun and I think even if you live around there you should stay there sometimes, like for special occasions! We took a nature walk with Posie and she taught us all about the trees in that area – I love trees! She also taught us about the history of the catskill mountains.  It was a really pretty walk and I had lots of fun doing it!

Then Wave and I took a swim break in the pool, which was heated, and had lots of fun playing Marco Polo. After that, we saw Posie again and took a Watercolor Postcard class! It was so fun being there and I had a really great time both outside and inside!

Back to Wave – Posie is such a great art teacher and even my mom discovered her inner artist – that is her postcard in the middle and that was the first time any of us had painted with watercolors! My mom joked that she was going to quit her job and start selling them now.  I loved every minute of our time here and can’t wait to come back – we HAVE to come back, because we still need to do the Scavenger Hunt! Right when we were about to start, it started pouring rain, but that was a perfect excuse to go hang out in the warm, comfy, FUN game room! And now we know we really do have to come back because I love a good Scavenger Hunt….thank you, Emerson Resort, you made this Kid Reporter very happy!

The Mom here again! I already miss this place and am about to search for a room for the fall – I’m thinking Streamside Suite for my upcoming 50th birthday! I’m going to need more soap soon anyway…and I guess I’ll need to make more postcards if I’m going to quit my job and sell them…this is the perfect escape from NYC that truly has it all, and you can even check out the surrounding areas like Woodstock, Phoenicia, and my favorite – Kingston, all are a short drive, but you probably won’t want to leave! Bonfires, movies at the Bean Bag Theater, Concerts, volleyball, horseshoes, shopping, swimming, hiking…do everything, or do nothing – just remember to breathe.  All the better if you can breathe in all there is to offer here at Emerson Resort and Spa, where you will be refreshed, invigorated, and inspired. And also remember that:

Thanks, Emerson Resort and Spa, we needed that! I’m pretty sure you need that, too….so check them out, links are below!

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