by Waverly Winchester and Ally Peters

Waverly here! This weekend, at Javits Center in Manhattan, AnimeNYC returned! AnimeNYC is a convention with plenty of amazing guests, cosplays, shops, artists, and more! Some of the guests who were there include Bryce Papenbrook (English voice actor of Inosuke Hashibira in Demon Slayer and Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan), Yuki Hayashi (Composer of My Hero Academia), Ray Chase (English voice actor of Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen), and a lot more! AnimeNYC features many amazing activities and shops as well, so you’ll never be bored! If you were lucky enough to snag a ticket for today, some of the activities include the exclusive premiere of Belle, The Anatomy of Anime, and the ODDTAXI dub premiere!  We LOVED wandering around all the exhibits!

Ally here!  We saw some super complex cosplays- even giant robots! There were cosplays from any anime you could think of- and even some cosplays that weren’t from animes!

Some things I and many others love about AnimeNYC is how friendly the atmosphere and people there are. So many people complimented our cosplays and asked to take pictures with us, which was awesome! It was also amazing seeing all the other cosplays and how much work was put into them!   I even got to meet my “Twin!”:

It was definitely such an amazing experience that I would 100% recommend if you like anime and cosplay. 

And even if you don’t cosplay, you can still have lots of fun! A lot of people there weren’t even in cosplay, they were just there to check everything out!

Another big part of AnimeNYC that I loved was all the shops! There were so many small businesses that I was happy to support. I got so much cute stuff such as pins, keychains, charms, and much more while supporting independent artists. There were also some bigger shops that sold stuff like anime plushies, figures, nenderoids, and a lot more! 

There was definitely something for everyone. You could find merch from almost any anime, and so many fun things I have never seen before!

You can have fun without having to spend money, too! The panels were super fun. There was a panel on everything. You can learn how to start cosplay photography, find out the science behind some of your favorite shows, enter contests, discuss shows you love, and more! They even had screening rooms, to take a break and watch some anime.

The experience was amazing and I definitely would recommend getting tickets for next year if you like anime or to cosplay. The energy was so exciting and the people were so nice, and it was awesome getting to see all the shops, guests, and cosplays. There were thousands of fans there, all excited to see other fans, and hundreds of shops and activities that were awesome to buy from or participate in. We are counting down the days until next year’s Anime NYC comes back!

If you weren’t able to get a ticket for this year, be sure to get an early start for next year and get your tickets coming soon for November 18-20 2022! You can check this out and a lot more at their website,!  Start planning your costume…see you next year! Can’t wait….