The Mom here! You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have….
The brand new, reimagined Facts of Life Web Series!
I was a huge fan of the original series “back in the day” (I always wished I was Jo….she was just so cool….).  Now, there’s a whole new take on it but knowing the cast and creative team as I do, I’m betting it will be just as entertaining as the one we all know and love.

Airing July 27th on Youtube, Facts of Life web series follows Patrick Parker as he uses his past to make a better future for boys whose families are going through tough times. These boys are Miguel, Jason, Alex and Marcus. Things don’t always go well for the boys or Mr. Parker, but in the end they all learn a lesson about brotherhood, friendship and that family can take on many different forms.

The series was created by two “set moms” Evelyn and Sally, who met on a location a little over a year ago after their sons became set friends and video game buddies.  Being somewhat of a “set mom” for Waverly’s acting, I got to know them on a job they all did together.  This is definitely a fun and creative group of parents and actors! The story of how this new version of the show was created is a very funny one – Sally’s son got skates for Christmas and wore them non stop around the house just like “Tootie” from “The Facts of Life.” This led to the thought, “How fun would it be if they remade that show but with boys!” She mentioned this thought to Evelyn who right away said, “Let’s do it!” That was the start of “Facts of Life Web Series” and a collaboration between Escape 2 Productions and Ocean Hill Entertainment on a project that is sure to be a fun and exciting ride for everyone involved!

Wave and I will be watching, will you?
Go meet the cast tomorrow at their launch party in Brooklyn!  Launch Party Tickets

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Facebook: Facts of Life Web Series
Instagram:  factsoflifewebseries