by Waverly Winchester, 11 years old

The Mom here! I ignore around 100 Facebook ads a day, but there was one that I saw that immediately made me feel like I had to experience it.  That ad was for Nowaday, a tour company that takes you around a loop in NYC in a restored vintage car.  I thought it would be cool once we booked it, but I  didn’t expect it to be nearly as fun, informative, and entertaining as it was as we drove around “the center of the universe,” straight back into the past, with our witty and knowledgeable Tour Guide, Omar.  This truly was a trip we will never forget!

Stepping Into the Story With Omar!

Waverly here!  Nowaday. It may just seem like something your grandparents say when they see you on your phone. “Nowadays, kids are always on electronics! Back in my day…” And so on. But it actually is an awesome way to travel to the past experience – right here in New York City! What you ride in is a cool car from that time era, realistic inside and out! I’ve never seen my beloved city like this. Usually, you are on a big bus whizzing by all the sights with lots of people, but this was an awesome car just for us!

In this ride, we traveled to the 1920s and 1930s and learned facts, and saw and discussed buildings and statues.   My mom, who has lived in Manhattan for over 25 years, finally learned whose statue is in Columbus Circle.  Hint:  Think of its name. Omar, our Tour Guide, told us facts, showed us pictures, and dazzled us with his riveting humor. We learned about why Carnegie Hall changed its name, and saw the world’s most expensive billboard, heard a spooky story about Bryant Park, and found out how Vanderbilt “built” his way to the top! And all of the stories were so interesting to hear – believe me, this tour was not the usual boring educational stuff. Omar made learning all about NYC’s history super fun! I listened to him more than I listen to my teachers, lol. They even supplied a pearl necklace and a fancy beaded headband so I could really get into character!

This was an hour packed with fun facts and excitement as we rode around the streets of the city and knew that we were in the coolest car on the road.  We even ate candy from the past! The pictures we took were amazing and there really is nowhere else you could get a shot like this:This was AWESOME. The only thing that I would change is to make the ride longer!  Kids should DEFINITELY take a Nowaday Tour with their parents because not only is it very educational, it is also sooooo much fun! 

Back to Mom! Nowadays, kids are always on electronics…yeah, the old lady said it. However, on our Nowaday tour, little Miss Waverly did not look at her phone ONCE during the entire time…and neither did I!  That doesn’t happen too often!  I thought I knew New York, but I never knew it like this.  Whether you live in New York City like we do, or if you’re from out of town, you will be surprised at all you can learn while cruising around in the coolest car on the block. This time, being old was new and exciting. And that doesn’t happen too often either.

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