Kid Review  of FunikiJam’s Baby Likes to Rock
by Waverly W., 10 years old, with some input from Mom and Stepmom
The Mom here! I wanted to take Wave’s little almost 2 year old brother (from another mother!) Logan out on the town to something that they both could enjoy together, so we checked out FunikiJam’s Baby Likes to Rock.   Captain Jam (the super talented Brian Barrentine, who created FunikiJam and wrote all the awesome songs they performed) and the Agents of Jam led kids (Junior Agents) on a Special Assignment with a 3 part mission:  To have fun, to jam, and to learn about the world. The kids definitely completed all 3 parts as they rocked around the world, stopping at 7 countries at the “World Music Fair.” At each stop, there were interesting facts, fun props, and of course some very catchy original music from each of the different areas of the world, making this not only super FUN, but also educational in a non-obvious and very kid-friendly way (kind of like sneaking applesauce into brownies…). I was really impressed with the level of talent that each of the performers had, and I must confess that Captain Jam and his Agents of Jam also had me completing the 3 part mission right along with the kids – It was really hard not to! I dare you to sit still during these songs (my personal favorite was Australia’s “Walkabout” – it’s still in my head!).

Captain Jam/Brian Barrentine will get your baby to rock!

Waverly here! Do you want to go to a FUN of a kind, FUNderful show that’s JAMming with excitement, cool songs and a great band? Then check out FunikiJam’s shows! We went to Baby Likes to Rock and even though I’m not a baby, I liked rocking along with Logan and all the other little kids that were there – the fun starts even before the show does, when the Agents of Jam come down to hang out and play with the little kids. Then Captain Jam comes to the stage and tells everyone about how FunikiJam’s “Jam” is to help people through music.  There’s a cool screen on top of the stage also that helps tell the story of how we are going to stop at 7 countries so we can all complete their mission together.  Logan was definitely having a blast, and so was I! 

Our musical trip around the world started in Mexico where we learned all about different tempos (speeds) of music and also learned a little about their culture.  I could not believe how good their voices were! We even learned a little Spanish – more than I learned in school all last year, lol!!

Next stop on the musical journey was Africa, and we loved hearing the cool drum beats and playing with the red frisbees they passed out. Did you know that drumming was an early form of communication and that long before cell phones, that is how people got messages to each other? That is one “FunikiJam Fun Fact” that I learned at the show! Cool, right?

Other kids were having fun, too, of course, especially when they were allowed to try playing the drums – that part was really cute.  We travelled on to Australia, Egypt, Ireland, Germany and Japan and every stop was not only fun to rock out to its songs but really interesting to learn about! Here’s another “FunikiJam Fun Fact” – Beethoven kept on writing music even after he lost his hearing! After all that dancing and learning, we ended up back in the United States of America, where we rocked and rolled before the show came to an end. This was a fun time for all the little kids in the audience, and also for the big kids like me, and even for the adults! 

Stepmom here! Does baby like to rock? Yes he does! Logan had a blast at his kidsnewsnyc assignment today. This was kind of like going to a baby music class on steroids. The entertainers passed out scarves and toys and encouraged participation–but with the high-octane original music, awesome voices, cool video screens and fun choreography, it was on a whole other level. Logan sang, danced with his big sister, and sometimes just ran up and down the center aisle when he needed a break. Anything goes here. Your kiddo can cry, snack, dance, yell, or spin in circles–this is the best kind of fun, no-fuss environment for toddlers, with enough production value to entertain older sibs and parents as well. Only in New York! Pro-tip: there are 8 steps up to the theater, so leave your heavy stroller at home and take an umbrella one. Once inside, there’s no charge for coats or stroller parking, which gets 2 thumbs up from me!

Mom here again! You know your baby likes to rock, so why not take him or her on a rocking trip around the world with FunikiJam? We’re sure glad we did and we will definitely check out some more of their shows, like the upcoming Rock or Treat and Holiday Beat .  And the FUN doesn’t stop there – they have music and movement classes, too! From what we saw and experienced, I’m pretty sure your baby would love to rock with them on a regular basis.  For more info, click here!
Go have some FUN with FunikiJam!
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