Interview with Alexander Zamudio by Jackson R., 10 years old, Manhattanfoto_no_exif-72
On Thursday, December 8, 2016 I visited the MTA 2nd Avenue Subway Community Information center on 2nd Avenue.  I came prepared with questions my Uncle Pat helped me put together.  My Uncle Pat works for a construction company so he knows a thing or two about this stuff….
I met with Alexander Zamudio, Community Liaison for SAS Project (In MTA language that stands for Second Avenue Subway).
Jackson: How long did the 2nd Avenue Subway take to build?
Alex: The first phase took 10 years.
Jackson: How many people worked on this project?
Alex: That’s a hard number to estimate but in total it has to be over 2,500.
Jackson: What will the letter of the train be?
Alex: The Letter Q.
Jackson: Will there be brand new subway cars?
Alex: Unfortunately no. We’ll be using existing subway cars.
Jackson: Will they be extending the train north of 125th Street?
Alex: It has not been determined.  The northern most stop right now is 125th Street. Phase II will begin next year and that’s going to be from 96th street to 125th street.
Jackson: What machine made the tunnel hole?
Alex: It is called the Tunnel Boring Machine also known as a TBM.  It’s a huge earthworm-like machine.  You can see pictures of it on our website.foto_no_exif-70
Jackson: Is there anything I haven’t asked and you would like the people to know?

Alex: Hmmmm.  That’s not an easy question.  Perhaps I would like people to try the new train and see how useful it’s going to be to them.  It’s been an idea since 1919 and it’s better than the original.

The MTA Second Avenue Subway Community Information Center will move from its current location on Second Avenue between 84th and 85th Street so be sure to visit very soon as they have cool simulators that allow you to pretend you’re driving the train.  I got to practice leaving a train platform and then approaching one.  It’s not easy breaking on time! foto_no_exif-73 They also have these cool Ipads that allow you to view old photos, videos and the timeline of the construction.   This is also where you can see a picture of the TBM.  

Constructing a subway tunnel is so awesome and I can’t wait to ride the SAS.  This is an important event and I can’t wait to be a part of history.
The Mom here!  I can’t wait either!  Of course we all want to know the answer to the burning question, “When will the Second Avenue Subway be running?”  Unfortunately it’s not possible to  know a specific date. However, they are nearing completion and if all goes as planned, we may be riding that train to Coney Island in time to swim with the Polar Bear Club (or actually, just to cheer them on…but that’s another story!)
Thank you, Second Avenue Subway Community Information Center!  For more info, visit:
Facebook:  @MTANewYorkCityTransit
Instagram @mtanyctransit
Twitter @MTA