by Ahiri G., Callum S., Waverly W., and Blake W.

Waverly here!  Last Friday, I grabbed my friends and fellow Kid Reporters and took them to a place where literally everything was an illusion! From the paintings to random numbers and lines! Everything. Everywhere. All an illusion. It was mind-boggling, surprising, and super fun! Where is this place, you ask? Right here in NYC, at the Museum of Illusions where there are Two floors of total fun! Everywhere you look- another illusion! Before you even walk in, there is an awesome gift shop…

And an incredible shrinking machine that made Blake and I turn into two very tiny humans…or did Callum and Ahiri turns into giants…or was it all just an illusion?

Callum here! As soon as I walked into the Museum of Illusions I immediately saw so many things that I was eager to figure out what they were and find the illusion.  The museum was filled with things from pictures that looked different from where you stand in different places to spinning wheels that look like they pop out at you. During the whole experience I was never bored and I was always able to find a new illusion to figure out and surprise me! One thing I learned is that sometimes you just have to have a different perspective to figure out the meaning of something.  I learned to not judge the illusions by their looks because as I’m sure so many people have heard looks can be deceiving. Kids should visit the Museum of Illusions because you will never get bored and always find a new thing to entertain you.  Whether you like appreciating or figuring out the illusion the museum has something for you and sometimes its not just looking at the Illusion but you can be part of it.

Blake here!  My favorite part of the Museum of Illusions was two things. One of them was with this thing where you looked on one side and the other person took a picture where it would be a thousand faces of you-it was just fascinating. Another one of my favorite parts was this glass thing that you looked at and there was a ladder but a mirror was in it so it looked like there was an eternal hole. The decorations in the Museums were mind tricking and fascinating because at first it might have been confusing or made us think one thing but when we read the description or looked a little closer we found the trick. It was just fascinating how your mind makes you think one thing then when you look closer you see the real thing. It’s kind of like how people say “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

 Ahiri here! The Museum of Illusions is amazing, incredible, and mind-blowing! It is a great place that has different optical illusions right around every corner. Everyone around me was having fun, and I loved the place. There were so many things to look at that you possibly couldn’t ever get bored. All the tricks seem impossible, and this museum makes it possible and entertaining at the same time!  I learned a lot of things in this museum. For example, I learned that looking at things from different perspectives can really change how you look at something! I also learned that not everything is the same as what it looks like, and that some things may look similar, but are actually very different!  My favorite part about the museum of illusions is the 3D images by the color room, and the infinity room. I also liked the backwards/sideways room where me and my friends got to make really cool poses and take different pictures.  Kids should visit the Museum of Illusions to see really cool things and to enhance their vision of magicians and their tricks. I believe that this museum is a truly wonderful place and all kids who like magic tricks, enigmas and many other things should come here. This is definitely a trip that everyone will like! We even got to see what it would be like if Waverly and I combined into one person!

Museum of Illusions

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