Kid Review of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Times Square’s BRAND NEW Interactive Adventure:  Ripley’s Relic
by Waverly W. and Mac M., 10 years old

Fearless Adventure Seekers

The Mom here! Around a year ago, we visited Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Times Square
and of course were fascinated by their “unbelievable” assortment of rare, totally unique artifacts and had lots of fun experiencing their attractions (Read our Kid Review here!).
Well, even if you’ve already gone to our favorite Odditorium, it’s time to go back for a whole new kind of adventure.  Get ready for Ripley’s Relic.
Waverly here! I thought today would be a lot of fun – no, wait, this was Ripley’s so I KNEW it would be a lot of fun! Just going into the entrance is fun there with all they have to see before you even enter, like this guy! Guess what he’s made of? Give up? Go meet him on your way to Relic and find out!Not only did I get to meet King Kong there while I was waiting for Relic to officially open, but I also got to meet Andrew Albigese, Marketing Manager for Ripley’s Times Square and ask him a couple of questions.  I asked him what ages Relic is best for and he said that it’s best for ages 5 and up. My mom was a little nervous (she freaks out on that little “roller coaster” at Victorian Gardens! I’m serious) but since she loves Ripley’s she knew she just had to go in!I also met my new friend Mac! We were so excited to see what was behind the curtain that led to Relic and were also really excited to be in the first group of people who ever experienced it! Yet another time when it’s Kool to be The Kiditor, what can I say?  We wasn’t the only lucky ones – ten people can go in at a time, so we all went in as a group after it officially opened.  OK, are you ready to hear about this new kind of escape room that only Ripley’s could think of? Then let’s go through the curtain….through a dark hallway….and into an elevator…and waaaaaay waaaay down….Afraid? Not us!  OK, maybe a little nervous!  We had a guide with us, and he told us that way down below the subway, they discovered something very strange and he was going to take us all the way down there to check it out, and also that we should not worry because he knows all about how to repair an elevator.  Hmmm….were we going to need that?  Let me just say it was definitely a bumpy ride that was filled with excitement! After we figured out how to “fix” things when they went wrong, the elevator opened up into a dim room with mysterious music playing. I looked around and saw lots of strange symbols. It was awesome! Then we all had to work together to match the symbols on these three large circle things. That part was fun! It wasn’t that easy to figure out but we all were very determined to crack the code!

It felt just like being in a movie!  It felt so exciting to be there and it felt like we were actually explorers that found something from a really long time ago. Then when we got it right, it wasn’t over – there was another challenge, and for this one, we all really had to work together even more than we did before!  I won’t say too much about this challenge so you can be surprised when you get there – just pay attention to the signs and definitely make sure you work together with whoever is in there with you! Like my mom always tells me, “If we work together, we’ll always win!” And we did! We figured out how to crack the code and escape the room, and when we did, a cool voice started talking and said that the Ancient Ones were pleased with our work.  Whew.  I wouldn’t want them to be mad at me! Go please the Ancient Ones and have fun doing it! I think you will agree with me that Ripley’s Relic really rocks.  🙂

Mac here!Do you like fun? Adventure? Ancient voices and crazy elevator rides? Well, come to the new exhibit at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! — Ripley’s Relic!

I attended a preview of the exhibit with my mom on Thursday. Before the event started, I was very shy. But then I saw a girl whose helmet was a bit large. I told her how to adjust it, and we started talking and became friends. That new friend was Waverly, the Kiditor in Chief for Kids’ News NYC.
With our hard hats on, we entered an elevator with a small group of people. We learned that scientists and explorers had found a secret cave below the museum. As we descended on the elevator, Waverly and I tried to be brave, but it was a bumpy ride. We finally exited the elevator, and a cool voice said that we needed to prove our worth. The trial challenged us to decipher an ancient code hidden in the room. The symbols reminded me of the Hyrulean language from Legend of Zelda. We had to use teamwork to solve the riddle and prove ourselves!
Fearless Adventure Seekers
My favorite part of this exhibit was making a new friend and having to work with others to solve a mystery. So grab a hard hat and your adventurous spirit and head to Ripley’s Relic!  

Back to Mom! The kids had a really fun time! I had fun, too – it kept me very busy, so busy that I could barely take and pictures! Probably better that way, so you can enter into it without knowing what to expect, just like we did.  This is a great add-on to your visit to Ripley’s or a fun way to have a quick adventure on its own. Thanks, Ripley’s, for having us!
I also have to give a shout-out to the guys who built it, Skip Dylan and Derek Thomas from

Wicked Amusements!
Believe it or not, Times Square just got a little more exciting, and who would have thought that was possible?
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