Waverly here! Are you ready for an amazing summer experience? I think we all are! Then we’re all in luck! Step right up to Immersive Van Gogh, and right INTO his masterpieces.  Opening on June 10, this  awesome space has over 40 of his masterpieces in a 70,000 square foot space- animated and with music! You could say it’s a big event… literally! It will take place at Pier 36 and it’s actually 3 times the size of the one they have going on right now in Toronto. Told ya, this is BIG! All that…plus social distancing circles for safety! 

Photo Credit: Michael Brosilow

I was lucky enough to attend the virtual Press Conference where members of the creative team explained all the work that went into this amazing exhibit and got us all excited about the “revolutionary return” to live events here in New York City. Just what we need after being inside for so long. What a way to open back up! Who are some of the people in this creative team that were at the press conference, you ask? Prepare to be very impressed: The Creative Director is David Korins, the award-winning designer of numerous Broadway hits including Hamilton (yes, I said HAMILTON) and Dear Evan Hansen.  Featured alongside him today was Producer Corey Ross, Composer Luca Longobardi and Executive Vice President of Global Communications for NYC & Company Christopher Heywood. David Korins spoke about how amazing this will be, starting with the lobby, which will feature an elaborate, three-dimensional depiction of The Starry Night crafted of 7,500 brushes dipped in paint, as well as an oversized portrait of Van Gogh. So it is awesome even before you actually enter!! Check it out!

Credit: David Korins

I asked them if this would be good for kids and families, and here is the reply.  “We have people of all ages come through, roughly 60% of our audience say they come on a date night. Most of the remainder come on family trips and young kids come in and have a great time in the exhibit with all the projections and it is a great way to introduce young people to Van Gogh’s art.” I’m really looking forward to experiencing this and have never done anything like this before so I cannot wait!!

Photo Credit: Michael Brosilow

I learned today that Van Gogh “struggled with isolation” and died a poor man and would probably never have guessed that his life has made such an impact on the whole world.  It makes me want to experience this even more and I hope that it inspires me and everyone who visits to do what you love to do, because you really never know how it will change the world, or even one person. Van Gogh definitely made an impact and he didn’t even know it.  I can’t wait to step inside his art and learn even more about him, and, of course, just get out and have fun. I hope you’ll GOGH check it out, too!

A new block of tickets will go on sale to the public Satur-
day, April 24 at 10 a.m. ET. The initial block of tickets sold out.

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P.S. I have always been a fan! Here’s my 10th birthday party where I chose “Starry Night” for us all to paint! Can’t wait to step inside that one…