Waverly here! After a million years away, we finally were able to go back upstate to Kingston, New York and take an old-fashioned train ride filled with fresh air and sunshine….and a very special Bunny! All thanks to Catskill Mountain Railroad!

We hopped on board their vintage trains, and with the clang of the bells, the laughter of all the kids, and the fun decorations, it was like a moving party, and there were even treats!

It was so nice to be outside in the open air and to hear a little history of the railroad as we followed the same route travelers have used since the 1860’s. We saw a waterfall…

and even The North Pole!

That’s another ride, in another season and we definitely can’t wait for The Polar Express but for now, Easter may be over but the fun sure isn’t – Catskill Mountain Railroad has just begun to come back! Check out their upcoming rides in the spring and summer here!