Our Super Science Day at NY Hall of Science
by Waverly W., 8 years old, and Ale P., 8 years oldfoto_no_exif-97

Waverly here!  During vacations, I usually don’t want to do any educational stuff.  It’s enough to have homework over breaks so I just want to relax!  This time, my mom took me to the New York Hall of Science with my friend and fellow reporter Ale, whose favorite subject is science.  We had so much fun experimenting, creating, and even flying!  I like science class, too, but honestly, this was SO much better!! No offense, Ms. Vega!  🙂

From the second we walked in, there were like a hundred fun things that you could actually DO –  not just look at!  Most “learning” places  I go to with my mom you’re not allowed to touch anything and you just stand there looking at stuff, but this place is not like that at all!  


It’s like a giant science playground!  You can wander around and stop to do all sorts of experiments with cool names like Pipes of Pan, where pipes of different lengths made all different sounds.  


There was another cool exhibit where you saw a spring but when you go to touch it, it’s not there!  Science is cool!  I loved the one called, “Everyone is you and me,” that was both a mirror and a window at the exact same time:

Is this a mirror or a window? It’s both!

Isn’t that cool?  I see Ale like it’s a see through window but I also see my reflection like it’s a mirror!  Speaking of mirrors, we also went to the Hall of Mirrors and had some fun there:



Ale here! It was the coolest science center ever!! You got to do experiments and learn about how things work. We got to make puppets to learn about re- using things…we made them out of trash and they were still cool!  The people who work there are so nice and helpful, they come up to you and help you with all the experiments. They showed us how to use a violin bow to make sand move with sound vibrations.



And here I am flying at The Flying Mirror- it’s awesome. I can’t wait to go back!! 


Back to Waverly!  Like Ale said, we got to make puppets out of recycled materials at an exhibit called, “Remake the Holidays.”  We saw all kinds of puppets made out of old bottles and cans that were decorated with stuff that everyone has but is about to throw away.  Kappy from Puppet Phactory explained that puppets need names or else they are just sculptures.  Here we are with Logan F., 9 years old, (and his Grandpa!) from Bethpage, who we met while making our puppets:  

Hi, Logan!

And here are our finished products!



After that we took our puppets to see Gingerbread Lane – the world’s largest gingerbread village (and we got to interview its creator, Jon Lovitch – read that interview if you haven’t already, it’s in our “Interesting Interviews” section!)


We ended our day at The Sports Challenge where we rock-climbed, balanced and bounced, and then it was time to go home – and my mom said we didn’t even do half of the stuff that there was to do there!  You know what that means, don’t you?  WE’LL BE BACK!  I’ve got my eye on you…


Thank you, NYSCI! Science was never so much fun.

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