The Perfect Way to See Paris!
by Waverly W., and Peri R., 9 years old

Waverly here! I’m in Paris, France for the first time ever and my mom and I wanted to make sure we saw all the sights – but we aren’t here for too long, so we had to find the perfect way to see Paris…and we found it!  Today was SO FUN because I’m here with my friend Peri and we got to see Paris from the top (and bottom) of an Open Tour Bus! And we didn’t just SEE Paris – we learned a lot of fun facts, too.  I just love fun facts!
We got on at Stop Number One in the Opera District for the Blue Tour and put on the headphones, chose our language, and away we went, listening to fun French music to get us in the mood…..we saw the theater where Moliere was sitting when he fell deathly ill on stage! We then squeezed through a tiny archway – we did not think we would make it! – and saw the beautiful Louvre Museum, which we didn’t know used to be the Royal Residence until  Louis XIV moved it to Versailles!

Then it became a museum with only five paintings in it to start.  Yes, one of them was the famous Mona Lisa! Also, did you know there is a ghost in the Louvre? You will hear all about it on the Open Tour Paris Bus!
We passed another museum on the tour, the Musee D’Orsay, which has the largest collection of impressionist works from painters like Monet, Manet and Degas.  I love those beautiful paintings!
Next we passed by the Place De La Concorde where, in 1793, there was a guillotine set up and there were many executions! Marie Antoinette was executed right here, and we rode right by it and saw it from our amazing seat on the bus!

Then we rode down the famous Champs Elysees – a very wide street which I now see why is known for being one of the most beautiful avenues in the world!  Ooh la la!

Right in front of us on that beautiful street was another beautiful sight – L’Arc de Triomphe! Guess what we learned?? It was supposed to be AN ELEPHANT.  A HUGE ELEPHANT.  Umm, no, thanks – we’ll take the Arc as it is, s’il vous plait!!  I would not have believed that if I hadn’t heard it myself on the Open Tour Paris Bus…
Of course we saw the tallest building in Paris – The amazing Eiffel Tower! It was so awesome to have it right there in front of us!  It was so tall that I couldn’t even get the whole thing in my picture.  Guess you’ll just have to hop on an Open Tour Paris Bus for yourself and check it out!

Peri here!  I’ve been to Paris before but never on a bus ride like this. It was really fun to see all the sights and relax and talk to Wave about all the fun things we were learning! So, if it’s your first time in Paris, or if you’ve been here before, we both think you should definitely see it from the top (or bottom) of an Open Tour Paris bus!  

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A bientôt, Open Tour Paris! xoxo and merci beaucoup!