by Waverly W., 8 years old, and Peri R., 8 years old, Manhattan
*All pictures of Light Dancers courtesy of iLuminate
foto_no_exif-63Waverly here!  As The Kiditor in Chief here at Kids’ News NYC, I see a whole lot of shows.  Even before this website existed, my mom took me to see like a million different things and she says I’ve seen and done more than she has done in her whole lifetime.  Well, guess what? I have never seen anything like iLuminate!

We were so excited for the lights to turn out and see what was going to happen, and when they did it was really really cool!  Everything was really dark and suddenly the dancers appeared with lights all over them that turned on and off like magic, with all different colors.  They were like glowing cartoon characters that came to life!  They started off by telling you about a magic paintbrush that can make things come alive, and the show tells the story of what happens in “iLuminate Town” when the paintbrush gets into the wrong hands…but you have never seen a story told like this, that’s for sure!  It was amazing. 


We were dancing in our seats (and so were our moms!) for the whole time and loved seeing how the lighted costumes came alive and made people appear out of nowhere and then disappear, look like they had eight arms and even float across the stage!  The music was awesome and helped tell the story along with the lights and all different kinds of dancing. 

Peri here!  Yes, the music was definitely awesome and my favorite part was when they played Michael Jackson and the dancers had light gloves and hats and danced just like he did!  I also liked when a dancer popped up out of nowhere right by our seat!  We did not expect that and it was a fun surprise. unspecified-5 There were a lot of funny parts too like when they had to play a game and follow a light pattern and picked a kid from the audience to help them – it was like actually being in a video game!unspecified-4

Back to Waverly!  I liked when it seemed like they were throwing each other’s heads in the air but I think one of the best parts was when a giant snake appeared (I have no idea how they did that!) and made a man disappear by swallowing him!  The whole show was completely in the dark and it’s something you really have to see for yourself to know how awesome it was and how talented the dancers are.  My advice to you is that you GLOW see iLuminate for yourselfyou will definitely be amazed at what you see!foto_no_exif-64

The Mom here!  I agree, you should definitely “glow” see iLuminate for its outstanding light effects, talented and unstoppable dancers, and of course for the music- if you’re like me, dancing only happens rarely now and all those “nights out” are a distant memory.  Here you can sneak in some dancing while watching an incredible show of light and movement.  In so many ways, iLuminate “illuminates” themes of creativity, power, and jealousy in such a masterful way that the kids don’t even know they’re learning.  Kind of like sneaking applesauce into brownies, but with flying robots.  It’s only in NYC until January 8th so go light up your holiday season at iLuminate!   @iluminatedance