I was born in Manhattan and I have lived here all my life, and I though I had done and seen all there is to do here in this city after so many years of Kid Reporting. After visiting RISE NY I have to say, I realized  I was wrong.  I have never seen NYC like I saw it when I was there, and I guarantee, neither have you!

We started out taking a simulated ride on New York’s first subway, and it was so cool and extremely realistic, from the rumbling ground to the subway tiles!

After that, there is room after room of amazing NYC artifacts.  RISE NY is truly a place where learning history is actually fun and interesting.  Each room was filled with facts and awesome things to look at, plus so many amazing photo opportunities!

It was so fun to feel like we were actually a PART of NYC’s history, and also to feel what it is like to be a TV Talk Show Host!

We especially loved the Music Rooms, where we saw awesome costumes and tried our hand at DJ’ing!

Where else can you do all of this and get such amazing pictures? Like I said, I have been pretty much everywhere in NYC, and I can’t think of anywhere like this. I already knew that New York City is awesome and important, but this makes me love this city even more. I think people who live here like me should go check it out so you can remember why people come to visit us from all over the world and to feel lucky to live here. And if you don’t live here, RISE NY will give you a very full idea of why NYC is the greatest city in the world!

Well, you would think that would be enough. But just wait until you get to Sky Studios, and what comes next.

Here you are taken back in time to experience New Years Eve in Times Square a loooooong time ago, and it really feels like you are in the past! But the best is yet to come…when the doors open and you enter a room with large screens and some funny looking chairs, you can’t possibly expect what is to come. I couldn’t take pictures but I can tell you it was incredible, amazing, and that I have never seen NYC like I saw it that day at RISE NY. You absolutely have to go to see what I’m talking about. Once you experience the music, the effects, and soaring over all of NYC’s beautiful, iconic sights, you will not only love New York, but you will also love RISE NY!

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