Book review of Ainsley Earhardt’s “Take Heart, My Child:  A Mother’s Dream”
by Waverly W., 8 years old, Manhattan
20161227_170955 For Christmas, I got lots of toys and book sets.  It took about an hour to get everything unwrapped!  Just when I thought I was finished and there were no gifts left to open, my grandpa gave me and my mom one last thing – I unwrapped it, and it was a book called “Take Heart, My Child,” by Ainsley Earhardt from the FOX news network (I love FOX – they always let me on their Halloween parade shows!).

My mom opened the book with me by her side and started reading it while my grandma and grandpa sat with us.  Well, guess what? My mom started crying after the second page, and said that she would have to read it another day when we were alone.  That’s my mom for you!  She is a cryer, that’s for sure.  She says it’s because she loves me too much.

We sat down to read it again today when we were back home alone.  She cried again, but we were able to get through the whole thing this time!  It is a really nice book that is quick to read and easy to understand but like my mom said, “the things that it says don’t exactly mean just what they say.”

Just one of the beautiful illustrations!

It tells the story of a mother’s dreams and hopes for her child.  The story lets you know that your mom will always be there for you, even in the bad times of your life.  Also, it helps you get courage to do things that make you special and unique.  It has beautiful pictures too!  I think every mother should go out and buy this book and read it to their daughter.  Just make sure you have a box of tissues handy!

The mom here!  Yes, it’s true, the book made me cry before I even got to the third page.  What can I say, it touched my heart and in a few poetic verses, it voiced all my own hopes and dreams for my little girl.  We all want our children to be brave and follow their own dreams and paths, while knowing they have us as safety anchors in their moments of need.  Most importantly, in my opinion, it teaches children to “change their course” if they are unhappy and to believe in second chances.  What a sweet way to pass along the wishes we wished before our children ever existed, and the wishes we wish for them as they grow into young adults and beyond.  

One more thing – this book didn’t just “speak to me” about my little girl…it spoke to the little girl inside of myself, the one who sometimes is afraid to try and fail, afraid of the dark and lonely places in life, afraid to embrace my own colors and take risks.  This beautifully illustrated book contains timeless lessons for young and old alike…so take heart, readers, and take this book off the shelf, and yes, have those tissues handy.  You may just need them while you’re reading this simple yet powerful book to your kid.  Or to yourself…20161227_172006