by Peregrine R.
8 years old
West Village, NYC

foto_no_exif-15Nope, I wasn’t named after the book but yep, my name is Peregrine, so how could I not go see “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children?  Here’s my review for Kids’ News NYC!

I would say this movie is very good but weird!  There are monster types eating eyeballs in order to become more human again.  See what I mean?  The coolest part was we watched it in 4DX – do you know what that is?  Your seats move and there’s even fog and rain in the theater! Actual fog and rain!

I really liked all the different talents that Miss Peregrine’s kids had.  I think I’ll be the floating girl for Halloween next year! (Mom, start figuring that one out!)

My favorite scene was the skeletons coming to life at the carnival to battle the giant monster hollowgasts.  It was so cool that Miss Peregrine could turn into an actual falcon!! I haven’t tried it yet, maybe I can, too…

I think all kids who like monsters or superheroes will like this movie, and 4DX movies are AMAZZZZING!  Just bring an umbrella, lol.

Someone stole the Miss Peregrine from this display! Lucky I was there to fill in.