Kid Review of The Beast, by Waverly W. and Mac M., 10 years old, and Cady M., 7 years old!

Our little beasts with Big Diesel!
Waverly here! I love “making waves” so I sure was excited when I found out we were all set to do a Kid Review of the awesome speedboat ride, The Beast!  What is The Beast, you ask? It’s a fast, fun, jet-powered speedboat ride (the only one in NYC!) that will have you holding onto your hat (and glasses!) while you race your way towards the Statue of Liberty!  I just came back from a cruise and I have to say, this was even more exciting and fun!
We buckled up and got ready for an adventure, and what an adventure it was! Not only does the boat go fast, but it’s also fun because the people who work there are crazy and fun! They are also really helpful and can take pictures for you with your phone. Hi, Big Diesel! There’s a part where they stop the boat at the Statue of Liberty (that’s when you can take your cameras back out to take really awesome pictures) – but be warned, there’s a little fun surprise after that!
Mac here! Are you ready for a thrill? Then head over to The Beast! The Beast is a super fast and fun motor boat ride to the Statue of Liberty. Sit in the back if you’re ready to get wet, and don’t sit in the front if you just ate 🙂 I sat in the very front of the boat and almost lost my glasses three times! The Beast is amazing, and I highly recommend it!
Cady’s turn! I love The Beast SO MUCH and when I grow up I’m going to take my kids on it! It was sooooooo fun!
The Mom here! There were all kinds of people on our boat ride – and every single one of us had a blast! There are some rules you need to be aware of before planning your awesome adventure, like height requirements (40″ tall minimum to ride) that you can find on their website, but most importantly – there are no haters allowed, and just know that you’re probably going to get wet! There are still lots of long, hot, lazy summer days ahead, so what are you waiting for?
Unleash YOUR inner beast on The Beast!
Hot sunny day? You need The Beast!