A Tuesday Transformation!
by Briana L. 10 years old, Waverly W. 8 years old, Audra C. 7 years old,
and little Roqui P.,  4 years old

The Mom here!  As my little girl grows up way too quickly, I find myself trying to slow it down and enjoy her childhood for a little while longer.  Yes, she is definitely “8 going on 18,” but she forgets all of that the minute she sees something like this:foto_no_exif-44foto_no_exif-48








That’s why I’m glad we have Let’s Dress Up, a sweet little place that can magically transform a kid into beautiful fairy princess with all the bells and whistles that go with it!  Judy, the owner, grew up loving dress up and ended up having three sons!  So she made up for it by creating a dream come true for little girls and moms alike with this utterly beautiful place that fills everyone who enters with childlike wonder and excitement.

On a cold, rainy, dreary Tuesday, in walked four little girls…..


….who transformed into little fancy princesses:



Read on to let the beautiful pictures tell their story and to hear about these lucky little girls’ fancy and fabulous Tuesday Transformation.   

Waverly here!  I used to be a Tomboy until I was four years old, and on the day of my party, I woke up and announced to my mom, “I’m fancy now!”  Since then I have always loved to dress up and have lots of dresses in my room.  This place is my room times a million, though!  It has every kind of dress, crown, shoe, and necklace or bracelet that you can imagine for you to become a beautiful princess.  That’s not all!  There’s makeup, nail polish, glitter, and a red carpet!  

Briana:  I got dressed up like a Queen!  I love the sleeves of my dress.  Here I am getting on my makeup put on before the tea party.  It was so fun!foto_no_exif-47

Audra here:  I had my 5th birthday party at Let’s Dress Up and always love when I’m invited to parties here.  I love sitting down for tea parties after getting all made up.foto_no_exif-54

Roqui:    My favorite part was putting on makeup and getting dressed up for the tea party! I want to go back tomorrow!


Waverly again!  My favorite part was ALL OF IT!  foto_no_exif-53Reading books and playing, choosing our dresses, shoes, crowns and jewelry, putting on makeup, nail polish and getting sparkly, posing for all the beautiful pictures, drinking tea like a lady foto_no_exif-49 and eating all the yummy tea party treats!  We turned a yucky day into a magical one at Let’s Dress Up!foto_no_exif-52foto_no_exif-51