Kid Review of Mission Solvers – NYC’s Escape Room for Kids!!
by Callum, Matthew, Matteo and Waverly, 10 years old

We’re goin’ in…

The Mom here! Wave and I love Escape Rooms – that excitement, suspense and race-against-time feeling is right up our alley…when we found out that now there’s an Escape Room for kids ages 8 – 14 here in New York City, she could not wait to check it out and immediately began planning her Dream Team of Mission Solvers to help her graduate The Elite School of Magic by finding the Book of Spells. Was the mission accomplished? Read on…Waverly here!  I’ve been to escape rooms before, but always with my mom…and most of the time, we couldn’t figure out how to solve the clues in time to escape.  Mission Solvers is different because it is especially for kids, and unless you have a Kids’ News website and your mom has to be in there following you around taking pictures like mine did, you will not have to have your parents in the room at all, but they can come in! How cool is that? (Very cool.)
Like my mom said, I could not wait to check this place out – as soon as the door opened, I got even more excited by seeing the locked cases, labeled potion bottles, huge cards on the wall, and so many other things that we had to figure out together.  Jodi, one of the owners, was in the room with us in case we needed any help. We had forty five minutes to figure out how to find the Spell Book.  Right from the second we started, this was mysterious, action-packed, spell-bindingly fun and exciting!

Matteo here! Everything in the room was a clue, and it was so fun finding all the clues and solving them. We figured out combinations, unlocked locks, and solved lots of riddles. It was awesome!

Callum here! I loved Mission Solvers because it was very kid-friendly.  It has a great theme and isn’t scary like other Escape Rooms. It was really fun finding codes and clues to regain the book. 
Matthew here! When I walked in I noticed that the colors made you think of a magic show. There was a clue at every corner!  I loved that Mission Solvers has KIDS solve the mysteries and shows parents that we are smart, too! I could tell you more, but I won’t – you can find out why I loved it by going there for yourself!
Waverly here again! Matthew’s right – you have to check out Mission Solvers for yourself to know how fun, exciting, mysterious, and AWESOME it is!  I loved working together with my fellow Mission Solvers and will definitely be back for more!  So, did we accomplish our Mission and find the Book of Spells in time to graduate from The Elite School of Magic? See for yourself…

Mission Accomplished!

Mom here again!  I have never seen my kid, or any kid, as thoroughly engaged, start to finish, in anything as much as I witnessed it here at Mission Solvers.  It was really great to witness this and also to witness them working as a team towards a common goal.  I saw them experience a wide range of emotions in such a short time – some frustration and aggravation, which led to eventual elation, high fives all around, and a real sense of teamwork and accomplishment with every click of an opening lock. I could almost see their brains working as they raced to find the answers they needed! I confess that I wanted to be a Mission Solver, too….
This is definitely perfect for kids age 8 to 12 and offers the perfect challenge and “intensity” level while not having kids actually locked in a room.  Owners Jodi and Gulnaez created Mission Solvers to help get kids off the couch and off electronics.  Mission Accomplished.
Instagram:  @missionsolvers
Facebook:  @missionsolvers

Find them at 10 West 25th Street – inside apple seeds!