by Waverly W., 8 years old, and Jude W.S., 9 years old, Manhattan

20170501_181325Waverly here! When I found out we were going to an Escape Room, I was so excited, I couldn’t wait! I’ve never even heard of anything like it but knew it was perfect for me! The day finally came and I was ready to see if our team was going to figure out the clues in time to escape or …

When my mom chose “The Spy Academy” out of the 4 rooms we could pick from, she didn’t know that she actually picked the hardest room! (The Mom here – oops!) When she told me  that right before we left, she was like, “Oh no, I messed up, sorry” but I was like, “YES! AWESOME!”  My mom was worried that we weren’t going to be able to get out of there and said she was going to ask to switch rooms but I was like “Don’t you dare!” (Mom again – I let The Kiditor have her way…as usual…)

20170501_182339When we went inside the fun began right away! We played around a little with their props, took some pictures and hung out with the owner, Michele (read our interview!!).  I loved the cool table they had with different things that had to do with each of the rooms.  foto_no_exif-229Suddenly the Game Master came and took my mom’s boyfriend Mark away.  The game had begun – but this time I was IN the game! So cool!  He came back for us and led us to a classroom where Mark was locked inside a smaller room with a bunch of postcards….Now we were secret agents and we had to work together to first help Mark escape the little room, and then graduate from The Spy Academy…or get hoodwinkedunspecified

                                              (Photo courtesy of Hoodwinked Escape)
My mom and I like to have “phone-free fun” and this place didn’t even let us take our phones in! All we had was each other and it was awesome.  I can’t give too much away and even if I could I wouldn’t – why would I spoil the fun?  All we cared about from the second we got there as the clock ticked away and our hour sped by was finding clues, solving puzzles, and getting out of there!  I think it was the most fun time I have ever had with my mom, and we do a lot of fun things here at Kids’ News NYC!

We were all so excited, racing around looking at clues, trying to crack codes and solving puzzles.  Every single second was so fun! I never thought I would say this, but even doing math is fun at Hoodwinked Escape! We are DEFINITELY going back to all of the rooms, but I think I want to try the second hardest one, The Experiment, next.  Doesn’t it look so cool?


                                                     (Photo courtesy of Hoodwinked Escape)
Jude here! At Hoodwinked Escape, we were locked the Spy Academy room.  I had no idea what to expect before the experience began. There are some rules and basic instructions, but you really have to figure out how to solve the problems with your teammates–and a few very helpful hints from the game masters. I really liked how everyone on my team worked together and thought of different ways to handle the puzzles. It was so exciting as the the clock was ticking down and we managed to solve the last puzzle with only a minute or two to spare. It was very challenging, but lots of fun.  I was very proud that we did escape, especially since only we were told that only about 35% of the teams do. I cannot wait to go back and try the other rooms.  I would definitely recommend this AWESOME experience to my friends! IMG_58131

Mom’s turn again! As soon as we were done, Wave said, “Can we do it again? Now?”  When I laughed and said we’d have to come back another time soon, she took a different approach and offered 4 million dollars (that she does not have, to my knowledge) to live there!  I can’t say enough good things about Hoodwinked Escape and its owner Michele Ware! It is literally good for everyone.  There were three adults and two kids in our party, and we all were on the exact same wavelength working towards the same goal as one and having that all-important “phone-free fun” that Waverly and I like to have together. Mystery, Morse Code, Math and More! Rooms can be adjusted to provide an age-appropriate challenge for everyone.   It’s in a beautiful, historic space in Harlem and you can even get a dining deal with local restaurants, so make it a night out.  You will not regret it and you will have a blast! Even if you do end up getting hoodwinked……
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