The Coolest Place to See a Movie in London
by Waverly W., 8 years old, Manhattan  The Mom here! When I first came to London years ago, a friend took me to a movie at a place called The Electric Cinema after a day of wandering around Portobello Road.  I’ve long forgotten the movie, but the theater we went to has never left my mind.  When we were planning this trip, I crossed my fingers that it was still there, just as I remembered it.  Luckily for us, yes it was, and even better – Beauty and The Beast was playing on the day we were planning on being in the area.  I don’t know who was more excited, me or my kid!
Wave here! It was definitely ME. I had been waiting to see that movie for weeks and also was ready to sit back, relax and just watch a movie after all the things we were doing around London.  My mom told me the movie theater was going to be really cool, but I really had no idea just how cool.  Even getting there was cool! We walked down a long street called Portobello Road that was filled with cool shops.  There were lots of people and there was so much going on! foto_no_exif-204

When we walked into the theater part I was amazed!  I took one look and said, “Wow!” It was totally different from all the movie theaters I’ve been to.  It sort of looked old-fashioned where the ticket counter was – check out their floor:


And here is their sign with all their movies.  My mom liked it because she said it was just simple.  It tells you the movies without a million lights and moving things! (Note from The Mom:  Yep.)foto_no_exif-199

When you buy a ticket at The Electric Cinema you also pick your seat.  But these are not just regular movie seats!  They are super comfy, with pillows and foot rests! It’s like being at home. There are little tables next to you and cute little lamps. This is how to see a movie!foto_no_exif-201

We had some time so we looked around and my mom said I just had to see the seats in front.  Check this out! Wow again! Someday I’m coming back to sit in THAT seat…foto_no_exif-206

That’s not all.  There’s more! When we got back to our seats, mom handed me a menu (yes, a menu!) and said I could pick whatever I wanted to eat.  There were nachos, cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, white bean dip, doughnuts, ice cream.  I was in the mood for a hot dog so I picked that. We ordered it at the bar in back and then someone brought it over.  I could get used to this! The Mom again! They have beer, wine, prosecco and champagne too! Also, they show a range of movies, definitely not just for kids! Something for everyone 🙂 foto_no_exif-202I was having so much fun here that I almost forgot we were about to see a movie! LOL not really but it is kind of true.  I will never forget that experience! This is not a movie review (Reporter Gavin is working on that right now…) so I’m just going to end by saying –
The Electric Cinema was a Beauty and a Blast! If you are ever in London, you have to see a movie at The Electric Cinema on Portobello Road.  You will definitely say WOW too.

The Mom again! She’s right.  It won’t even matter if the movie is bad – you will have a great time here.  I was so happy to see that it had not changed a bit, except the bathrooms were moved to the other side from what I remember.  They still had the same Cowshed soap and lotion that they had when I was there at least ten years ago!  So much has changed in my life since then, but  The Electric Cinema on Portobello Road is still just as awesome as it was so long ago.  Wow.foto_no_exif-207
Thank you so much to The Electric Cinema for letting me “go back in time” and show my daughter the right way to see a movie! We will be back….

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