Waverly here with some good news for doll lovers! And let me tell you, THESE dolls are DEFINITELY “for keeps!” These are not your everyday dolls – THESE dolls come with a powerful message of positivity and self-empowerment! Just what we want kids today to grow up with!

The For Keeps™  dolls have an inspirational message of positivity – you are love. The dolls were inspired by modern parents and the new aim of keeping their young children off screens and away from content that can have a negative impact on the young mind.
The dolls promote Inclusivity, Love, Acceptance, and Self-Empowerment, and each doll comes with interchangeable outfits, a secret positive message tee, and an autographed photo. They also come with a cupcake-style stashbox and a 20 pack of affirmation stickers!

So as you can see, playing with these dolls is not only fun, but can also build confidence and self-esteem, and make kids feel safe to be who they are.  Each doll comes with super fun accessories like headbands, necklaces, bangles, handbags, laptops and more.  Even more fun is how each doll has a Cupcake Keepsake™ where you can send a secret positive message to someone you care about! How cute and cool is that? That’s what I call DOLL POWER!