Waverly here, reporting on the latest Guinness World Records book – like I’ve said, I have gotten one every year! When this book came, my first thought was that I could look at the cover (by award-winning illustrator Rod Hunt) for HOURS, the designs are so detailed! See for yourself:

From the tallest giraffe to most powerful lightning, the book has it all…as usual!  Right from the first page, I was interested! I mean, who wouldn’t be interested by the fastest electric ice cream van?? After a day of being at remote school learning on my computer, it’s really nice to grab my new book and snuggle up to my Flamingo (everyone has a Flamingo to snuggle, right?), and just check out all the amazing things that people all over the world are doing! Here’s Jackson Oswalt, the youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion:

Credit: Guinness World Records 2021

NEVER BEFORE SEEN images? Count me in! My favorite sections are Gaming, Pop culture, and Adventures and some of the most interesting records I read about were the Longest Underwater cave system explored (Caves are cool- really, really cool- but underwater caves might be the most interesting things I’ve ever seen!) and the Largest Hiking Boot (Um, do I even need to explain why this is cool??) You will have your favorites, too, because there is really something for everyone in this book, and amazing pictures to look at, like there are every year! Check out Maci Curran, who has the world’s longest legs!

Credit: Guinness World Records 2021

And I thought I was tall….There are SO MANY more AMAZING things in this book! Well?? What are you waiting for!? Snuggle up to your flamingo with YOUR copy of Guinness World Records 2021…and discover your world, without leaving your room!

We LOVE Guinness World Records!