by Gavin M.
8 years old

When my family and I think about our favorite foods, BBQ is definitely one of them. My mom is from Texas, so we love brisket. One of our favorite places to have brisket is Blue Smoke. There are two Blue Smokes, and I have been to both of them. They have lots of really great stuff on the menu and a kids menu.

When I went to the original Blue Smoke recently, I went for brunch with my friend Waverly. We ordered waffles, ribs, and sparkling juices. One of the super cool things about Blue Smoke is the people there. Seth took great care of us and knew exactly how to take care of kids. 20161126_112046Our brunch started with pig cookies to decorate with sprinkles and Wiki Stix. He asked us what we like and if we have any allergies (nice for picky eaters). When we finished decorating our cookies, the chef took them away to bake them for us. When the food came, there were surprises! The banana bread was fresh out of the oven and fantastic and the cornbread madeleines were also warm and melted in our mouths. My waffle was perfectly fluffy with amazing syrup. We got to see the kitchen after we ate and we saw the smokers that all the sausage and meat is smoked in. Chef Alex was really nice even though he was busy in the kitchen. We had a great time.20161126_124523

Last weekend when I went to the Blue Smoke in Battery Park City with my family, our dinner started with pig cookies and Wiki Stix also (awesome for me and my brother) and we ordered Fried Chicken for dinner. Our appetizer was really delicious while we waited for our dinner. We had cracklins that melted in our mouths and pimento cheese spread with toast. We also had our favorite, brisket, and it was delicious. Cassie, Hannah, Juliet and Dylan took really good care of us. They even let us have extra Wiki Stix. Chef Andrew came to say Hi and asked us what our favorite thing was. That night it was the cracklins for sure. We had to leave right after we ate to go see a movie and the coolest thing was when they sent chocolate chip cookies with us for the movie theatre.

It makes me happy when I go to a restaurant that cares about kids. Blue Smoke is awesome at taking care of kids and their parents so that everyone has a good time. Every time my Mom and Dad let me choose which restaurant I want to go to, I definitely choose Blue Smoke. Thanks for being awesome Blue Smoke!