By Jonah G.
8 years old / Manhattan

The American Museum of Natural History is my favorite museum in New York City.  The Museum is all about animals from now and then.  There are many exhibits about dinosaurs and dinosaur bones.  My favorite things there are the dinosaurs, especially the new Titanosaur.  It is the largest dinosaur ever discovered!


The Titanosaur was an herbivore (animal that eats meat and plants).  It measured around 37.186 meters or 122 feet long.  It weighed about 70 tons.  That’s about the same size as 7 large African elephants!  This dinosaur lived about 100 to 95 million years ago.  I wanted to find out even more information about the Titanosaur so I reached out to the American Museum of Natural History for more information.

I was able to interview Daniel Barta, Ph.D. Candidate, Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History to find out more information about my favorite museum.   Daniel said his favorite thing about the Titanosaur “is all the questions that it sparks in the minds of people like yourself.  It’s a great ambassador for the museum that really gets people thinking about how we study what dinosaurs might have been like when they were alive.”  I asked Daniel how big the Titanosaur is and he said it’s about 19 feet tall and 122 feet long.  It stretches nearly to the ceiling of the room it’s displayed in!  I was surprised to learn from Daniel that the Titanosaur bones were not deep underground, in fact some were sticking out of the ground when a rancher in Argentina discovered them in 2014.  This Titanosaur is on display at the Museum right now.

My favorite part of the museum is Titanosaur but I was interested to learn what Daniel’s favorite part is.  Daniel said his favorite area is the special exhibit called “Dinosaurs Among Us.”  He was lucky enough to help develop the exhibit.  “You can see some amazing feathered dinosaurs displayed and learn all about why birds are living dinosaurs,” said Daniel.  Both the Titanosaur and “Dinosaurs Among Us” have been very popular for all ages!  Go see them soon…before they’re extinct!”