Play Review for New York City Children’s Theater’s “Love that Dog”
Starring Derek Christopher Murphy

By Jonah G. and Lily O., 8 years old
Manhattanunnamed-4Lily here- It was 7:00 at night when we went to see the play Love That Dog.  Love That Dog stars an actor who starts off complaining about doing homework and not liking poetry.  He was playing video games instead of doing his work.  I hoped he wouldn’t give up but I wasn’t sure if he could figure out how to write poetry correctly.   

Jonah here- My favorite thing about the character “Jack” was that he didn’t know anything about poetry so he started doing funny things about it to learn.  The way he used the smart board was really cool.  I also liked how the stage was – using school and home in the same space was really neat!

I kept thinking about how Jack was going to learn how to write poetry or if he ever would and then I thought maybe he would take inspiration from his favorite poet Walter Dean Meyers and of course his yellow dog!!!  You’ll have to see the play to know what happens! 

After the play we were allowed to go onto the stage and meet the actor Derek Christopher Murphy. (The Mom here – Like we always say, it’s cool to be a kid reporter!!) It was the first time we ever met an actor and got to ask questions, right on the stage where the play took place.  We both thought this was amazing!

foto_no_exif-124The first question we asked was whether or not the actor really did like poetry.  He said that he really does like poetry but it was fun to pretend that he didn’t in the play.  He said he likes to pretend and imagine things.  IMG_1560

Lily again- I asked him what he thinks about talking to an imaginary person. He said it was fun but it was hard to give space for their lines and react to their imaginary lines.

Jonah again- I asked him what was the idea behind the play?  He said it was based on a book called “Love That Dog”by Sharon Creech.  I definitely want to read the book now, too!unnamed-3

Thank you New York City Children’s Theater for putting on a great play!  Want to see it for yourself and get inspired?
Go to 
for tickets.
We think you’ll “love that play” and also you will learn that even if you think you don’t, you really do have a lot to say!