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A Long Day at Giant Ledge Trail, Phoenicia, NY (Catskill Mountain)
by Jonah G.
8 years old



I was with Dad, Mom, my 4 year old sister Esme and  6 year old brother Finn on a hike for four hours.  We started thinking it was going to be a little shorter of a hike, or at least I did.  Ok ok I know you want to hear the story!  I will start but remember who I was with.  We were at the Giant Ledge Trail.  We had to sign in to start.  There were rocks one by one like lily pads.  Esme did not see the mud but Dad did.  “Stop!” Dad said but Esme did not and Esme’s foot was in the mud.  So Dad said, “see that’s what happens when you don’t stop when you are told to…”

We entered the steep part of the trail; it felt easy for me.  Mom was slow walking with Esme.  It was finally flat but with lots of bright leaves (mostly red) because it was fall.  There was a while of this flat ground before we had to bear crawl up rocks.  We were going to the top of a mountain.  Mom eventually wanted to turn back but Finn and I did not want to and we did not (luckily).   We kept going up the hill.  It was big and was covered by rocks.  Then we saw how high up we were.  We stood on the “Giant Ledge” overlooking the mountains.  We all felt really proud that we made it to the top! After exploring this area of the hike for a little while we went back down the mountain for what felt like hours.

I recommend this trail to everyone, especially in the fall because of the bright colors of the leaves.  If we can do it, so can you!